When Karma Bites…


‘When Karma Bites…’ is a collection of short stories by…me!!

16 curiously magical tales about bad people being punished (for once) for doing bad things.

What if there was a parallel world identical to your own, except in that parallel world Trolls and Faeries still existed? And what if those Trolls and Faeries ensured that the universal principles of love and justice were upheld by all? What then, in that world – let’s call it Anywhere – would happen to the disgusting cabal of wealthy and powerful crooks, liars, charlatans and psychopath that rule us? Karma would bite…


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A Successful Young Woman’s life spirals out of control when a Fairy gives her the gift (or is it the curse?) of empathy.


What on Earth (and Heaven) can God and the Devil do about a man who is too wicked even for hell?

We discover that God and the Devil were once friends and partners in the world creation business. What went wrong?

A brutal and selfish Banker kills the last Unicorn and is cursed by an angry Fairy.

The Perfect Parents turn out to be anything but perfect (murderous, in fact).

An enraged Troll exacts a bloody revenge on those who killed his family.

Two Brothers, one good and one evil, die at the same time on the same day and discover that the Road To Heaven passes through Hell – which brother will survive the journey?

A lazy and unthinking man is eaten by his own sofa.

All Hell breaks lose when The Devil reclaims the soul of one of his Special Children.

Will anyone notice when the Last Bee dies?

Somewhere at sea, a boat packed with refugees capsizes and sinks and a mother desperately tries to save her infant son from the cold and hungry water.

A Rich Man is forced to confront the corruption that lives in soul – with fatal consequences.

And more…

Welcome to Anywhere. Welcome to your own world. Here and now.


Editorial reviews for the ‘Tales From Anywhere’ series:

“Brilliant comic technique, and a glorious sense of moral outrage at the current mess in which our country seems mired, combine here to make a unique reading experience. Often laugh-out-loud funny, the real-life characters behind these innocuous fairy tales and fables hit you by surprise, a series of sharp rocks hidden in those snowballs. Amazingly, with all the faux-naievete and children’s book elements gleefully displayed here, the writing never becomes twee or condescending. I don’t know where this writer’s been all his life, but I intend to catch up with him, and keep an eye on where he’s headed next!… Bravo, Mr. Hennerly! Stay angry, and keep your books coming” -Vine Voice

“This is the most spiritually and intellectually worthwhile and inspiring read I have encountered in a very long time ever since my days as a theological studies student. To me it is a humanist masterpiece on par with my favorite classists such as Faulkner, Lawrence and Bellow. It subverts conventional morals and doctrines while anchoring the plot development and the characters upon what I would call authentic virtues, Intuitive Knowledge and Intuitive Truth. Hennerley speaks Truth in this world of lies that shackle us from birth and asphyxiate us into death, all the while conspiring against our very vitality of the spirit. I cannot wait to read more similar stories from Hennerley! Thank you Hennerley for shining a beacon of light amidst such darkness we live under.” -US REVIEWS