Welcome to the American Regime

Is America a ‘regime’? In the language of the American Oligarchy and it’s tame and owned presstitutes on the MSM, any country targeted for destabilisation, destruction and rape - either because it doesn’t do what America tells it do (Russia), because it has rich natural resources or has a ‘socialist’ state (Venezuela) or because lunatic … Continue reading Welcome to the American Regime

America’s Military is Killing – Americans!

In 2018, Republicans (AND Democrats) voted to cut $23 billion dollars from the budget for food stamps (42 million Americans currently receive them). Fast forward to 21 December 2019 and Donald Trump signed off on a US defense budget of a mind boggling $738 billion dollars. To put that in context — the annual US government Education … Continue reading America’s Military is Killing – Americans!

I’m a Russian Agent!

I had an email in reply to one of my articles recently from a gentleman who said that he suspected that I was a ‘member of the Russian shit-stirring gang’. Now, when somebody attacks me with nonsense like that 9and it happens surprisingly often!) I always repost an appropriately edited and tweaked version of this … Continue reading I’m a Russian Agent!

Thoughts on Being a ‘Man’

The man who is arrogant is insecure. The man who is cruel is weak. The man who seeks to dominate others will never find any peace. The man who is a bully is a coward. The man who lies to gain advantage has no honour. The man who cheats cheats none more than himself. The … Continue reading Thoughts on Being a ‘Man’

Humanity Owes it Existence to Homosexuals

Homosexuals, for goodness sake, what is the point of them? saaaa-shaying down the street with expensive clutch bags and tight jeans and looking so good in their satin and tat and bipperty-bopperty hat. If you sway towards the bigot’s point of view then you’d conclude that there is absolutely no point towards homosexuals at all: … Continue reading Humanity Owes it Existence to Homosexuals

Has Trump started a nuclear war?

The psychopathic Trump Regime, a disturbing cabal of insane and weird neo-cons and evangelist christian nutjobs led by the The Orange Bloater himself, has opened a Pandora's Box in the Middle east with it's illegal assassination of Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani. Presumably this action is in pursuit of a treasured neo-con goal - war … Continue reading Has Trump started a nuclear war?

Some New Year Thoughts…

If you don't know, learn. If you do know, teach. If you break something, fix it. If you make a mess, clear it up. If you're shown kindness, show kindness. If you're wealthy, give back. If you have a talent, use it. If you doubt, investigate. If someone tells you what to think, decide for … Continue reading Some New Year Thoughts…