I’m Floating Away…

Walking down the high street, on my way to work, nothing strange, nothing not normal, just like any other day until that pain flares in my chest and in my shoulder and suddenly I'm falling over.   Flesh and bone hit the pavement, but I'm not there, I've gone already because today is no ordinary … Continue reading I’m Floating Away…

Here’s how to say ‘F*ck Off’ to the Oligarchs!

Are you sick of inequality, globalisation, war, insecurity, oligarchs, corporations a mainstream media that reports propaganda not news, thieving, lying politicians and political process that isn't democracy but a bought and paid for pantomime staged by the one percent (actually the 0.1%) the outcome of which is whoever wins the oligarchs and corporations win because … Continue reading Here’s how to say ‘F*ck Off’ to the Oligarchs!

The Dog who Loved Adolf Hitler

History is full of untold stories, fascinating little incidents that are either deliberately suppressed (history is written by the victors, after all) or get swept up and lost in the broad stroke of the historian’s pen. This is one such story. It may seem incredible to you, but before you dismiss it with a contemptuous “hah,” … Continue reading The Dog who Loved Adolf Hitler

Why did The Devil invent the Internet?

  My new book of Devil and God themed tales is out now in ebook and paperback formats, available to buy at Amazon stores internationally...the ebook is currently available at a special new release price of just $0.99/£0.99, the paperback $7.99/£5.99 Buy or read free preview at Amazon.com Buy or read free preview at Amazon.co.uk … Continue reading Why did The Devil invent the Internet?

Love me, Love my dogs

If you've ever read any of my 'Tales From Anywhere' books you'll have guessed that I am a bit of a dog nut so I thought it only fair (any excuse to write about dogs!) to tell you a bit about my real life doggies, seeing as they have featured, one way or another, in … Continue reading Love me, Love my dogs

The Human Condition

You won’t understand the grace, power and beauty of your youth until many years after it has gone. You’ll fail at some things and consider it failure and not a natural learning process. You’ll betray those you love, whether by thought or word or deed. You’ll forget how blessed you are, focusing only on the … Continue reading The Human Condition

Welcome to the American Regime

Is America a ‘regime’? In the language of the American Oligarchy and it’s tame and owned presstitutes on the MSM, any country targeted for destabilisation, destruction and rape - either because it doesn’t do what America tells it do (Russia), because it has rich natural resources or has a ‘socialist’ state (Venezuela) or because lunatic … Continue reading Welcome to the American Regime