FREE eBook – The Boy Who was Strange and Different

Get my short tale 'The Boy Who was Strange and Different' free now: In this tale from Anywhere, a selfish and cruel mother is embarrassed by her gay son. Fearing for her place in society, she has him committed to The Asylum for The Strange and The Different. The Asylum is a bleak, desperate dumping … Continue reading FREE eBook – The Boy Who was Strange and Different

Love me, Love my dogs

If you've ever read any of my 'Tales From Anywhere' books you'll have guessed that I am a bit of a dog nut so I thought it only fair (any excuse to write about dogs!) to tell you a bit about my real life doggies, seeing as they have featured, one way or another, in … Continue reading Love me, Love my dogs

The Human Condition

You won’t understand the grace, power and beauty of your youth until many years after it has gone. You’ll fail at some things and consider it failure and not a natural learning process. You’ll betray those you love, whether by thought or word or deed. You’ll forget how blessed you are, focusing only on the … Continue reading The Human Condition

Welcome to the American Regime

Is America a ‘regime’? In the language of the American Oligarchy and it’s tame and owned presstitutes on the MSM, any country targeted for destabilisation, destruction and rape - either because it doesn’t do what America tells it do (Russia), because it has rich natural resources or has a ‘socialist’ state (Venezuela) or because lunatic … Continue reading Welcome to the American Regime

America’s Military is Killing – Americans!

In 2018, Republicans (AND Democrats) voted to cut $23 billion dollars from the budget for food stamps (42 million Americans currently receive them). Fats forward to 21 December 2019 and Donald Trump signed off on a US defense budget of a mind boggling $738 billion dollars. To put that in context — the annual US government Education … Continue reading America’s Military is Killing – Americans!

I’m a Russian Agent!

I had an email in reply to one of my articles recently from a gentleman who said that he suspected that I was a ‘member of the Russian shit-stirring gang’. Now, when somebody attacks me with nonsense like that 9and it happens surprisingly often!) I always repost an appropriately edited and tweaked version of this … Continue reading I’m a Russian Agent!

Thoughts on Being a ‘Man’

The man who is arrogant is insecure. The man who is cruel is weak. The man who seeks to dominate others will never find any peace. The man who is a bully is a coward. The man who lies to gain advantage has no honour. The man who cheats cheats none more than himself. The … Continue reading Thoughts on Being a ‘Man’