The Dog who made The Grim Reaper Cry.

A new collection of short tales from the magical, mythical yet strangely familiar, land of Anywhere –

The Dog Who made The Grim Reaper Cry….

Curious Tales of Dogs, Magic and Mystery!

One particular day Death was on his travels (collecting souls as always) when he came across a small, brown dog so full of love that even he, The Grim Reaper, was moved to tears.

Elsewhere in Anywhere, Doreen the Dachsund begins an epic quest to find the Old Man in the Mountain. Who is he and why has he spent an eternity crafting the most beautiful shoes ever seen and why does he only ever make one of each shoe?

Meanwhile a young boy’s life is saved by a not-so.-ordinary dog, a dog decides who does, and doesn’t, go to Heaven and we discover the secret, but true, history of Wilhelmina the Dachshund.

“Brilliant comic technique, and a glorious sense of moral outrage at the current mess in which our country seems mired, combine here to make a unique reading experience. Often laugh-out-loud funny, the real-life characters behind these innocuous fairy tales and fables hit you by surprise, a series of sharp rocks hidden in those snowballs. Amazingly, with all the faux-naievete and children’s book elements gleefully displayed here, the writing never becomes twee or condescending. I don’t know where this writer’s been all his life, but I intend to catch up with him, and keep an eye on where he’s headed next!… Bravo, Mr. Hennerly!” – VINE VOICE

“This is the most spiritually and intellectually worthwhile and inspiring read I have encountered in a very long time ever since my days as a theological studies student. To me it is a humanist masterpiece on par with my favorite classists such as Faulkner, Lawrence and Bellow. It subverts conventional morals and doctrines while anchoring the plot development and the characters upon what I would call authentic virtues, Intuitive Knowledge and Intuitive Truth. Hennerley speaks Truth in this world of lies that shackle us from birth and asphyxiate us into death, all the while conspiring against our very vitality of the spirit. Thank you Hennerley for shining a beacon of light amidst such darkness we live under.” – US REVIEWS


“This is the best book I have read since The Book Thief and it has a slight feel of the Book Thief or Mitch Albom. The author is a storyteller rather than simply telling stories. There are a lot of authors out there but not many are true storytellers. My favorite story involved a dachshund and her search for a missing shoe. The imagery was so good I could picture how the story would be as a cartoon or film.” ★★★★★

“I really enjoyed this book…some stories can move you to tears because the story lines are so well thought out. Brilliant.” ★★★★★

“Touched my heart. Stories full of love, hope, and accepting woven beautifully with whimsy. I couldn’t put this book down nor did I want to.” ★★★★★

“One of the best books I’ve read in Damn near forever! I feel like re-evaluating ever book I’ve ever rated or adding more stars to show how outstanding it truly is! Thank you for writing it Mr. Hennerley! I found myself savoring it bit by bit so it wouldn’t end too soon, but sadly it is over and I must wait for another book as nurturing to my spirit.” ★★★★★

“I loved this book. The writing style reminds me of Tanith Lee’s “Tales from The Flat Earth”…Yes, it’s a collection of tales, but so much more. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to stoop to the level of the powerful one percent. Humanity can prevail with decent and kindness. While it relates the ugliness in the world today, it also offers hope and love.” ★★★★★

“Should be on everyone’s must read list! Thank you, Richard Hennerley.” ★★★★★

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