And Along Came A Virus

Once upon a time…in the land of Anywhere, in a world long since forgotten, in the fine and prosperous city of Anyplace there was a secret meeting of a Cabal of psychopaths, that being the Greedy One Percent, the people who really ruled Anywhere, and their minions.

Attending the secret meeting were three extremely wealthy and corrupt individuals (representing The Greedy One Percent) along with members of the Means of Communication (owned by The Greedy One Percent) and members of the Swamp State intelligence services (always operating in the service of The Greedy One Percent) and the Leader of the Country (an ignorant, dysfunctional pig of a man who was entirely owned, like all his kind, by The Greedy One Percent)….plus let’s not forget that also present were representatives of the Criminal Money Laundering Syndicate, otherwise known as Bankers (for wherever evil is afoot, you can always find a Banker).

There was a rather difficult issue to discuss. For it was obvious to all that the economy of Anywhere was about to crash very, very badly. This was as a result of its dependence not on real businesses making real things, but on making money simply by moving money around and investing in complex and deadly financial instruments such as HORFIOD’s (Horribly Opaque Risky Financial Instruments Of Death).

The issue was this. Anywhere’s economy had already crashed badly (for the reasons described above) some years before. But all had turned out well. The psychopathic elite, knowing the crash was coming, had sold assets at the top of the market and then bought them back (and more) at the bottom of the market, making huge amounts of money in the process. The criminal Bankers, who’d caused the crisis with their fraudulent activities in the first place were ‘bailed out’ by the government of Anywhere and the whole whole debacle was paid for by the Ordinary Folk of Anywhere via lower wages, higher taxes, more job insecurity and Austerity. Perfect. As it should be. What’s not to like!

So, whilst rather pleased at the idea of a rinse and repeat, boom-bust cycle (mmm, so much money to be made!) Anywhere’s psychopathic elite were also a bit nervous that, this crash coming so soon after the last, the Ordinary Folk might, in the common parlance, ‘smell a rat’: they might lay the blame for the economic crash where it belonged – at the feet of the oligarchs, the criminal Banksters, the Puppet Politicians, the Means of Communication and predatory capitalism and worldization and Austerity. And then, well, they might rise up and demand change…good grief, can you imagine such a thing? How appalling!

How then to have the inevitable and desired crash but not get the blame for it?

Fortunately the Swamp State had the answer. For this meeting of the Cabal of psychopaths had also been called for another reason. Just a few weeks earlier, a new virus had appeared in the community…from where exactly it was unclear; perhaps it come from bats or birds, cats or chickens or perhaps it had even crossed the Troll/Human barrier…who knew?

This virus now released into the community could be seen as a crisis, yes? Well…yes…but when you’re one of The Greedy One Percent a crisis is not so much a crisis as…well…an opportunity.

And this opportunity was explained to the rest of the Cabal by one of the Swamp State creatures.

First, the Means of Communication and Unsocial Media would move into 24/7 propaganda mode, repeating again and again how widespread the virus was, how deadly it was, how everyone was going to get it, how anybody was questioning the virus narrative was dangerous ‘conspirationalist theorist’, how thousands and thousands of people would die and (very important) how much the virus would damage the economy – and then ensure that that damage occurred by imprisoning everyone in their homes in a ‘lockdown’ (for ‘your own safety’, obviously) that could go on for…oooh…weeks….months…as long as was needed, basically, to ensure that small and medium sized businesses went to the wall so that their market share could be snatched up by the Greedy One Percent – and as a two for one, civil liberties (like, oh, er, I dunno – let’s say the right to protest or vote) could be abolished ‘temporarily’ to ‘protect people from the virus’ and then, obviously, never be restored!

Second, wait for fear and panic and the lockdown to paralyse commerce and disrupt fragile worldized supply chains and for recession to set in.

Third, Puppet Politicians (ably backed by the propaganda peddlers, sorry, Means of Communication) to call for massive financial bail-outs to save the ‘economy’ because if the ‘economy’ is not saved there will be no food in the shops, your first-born will have to be sacrificed and the sun will not rise in the morning. The ‘economy’ is, of course, nothing do with jobs and money for The Ordinary Folk, it’s entirely the banks and large corporations and The Greedy One Percent themselves…it’s important to stress that point as one wouldn’t want the Ordinary Folk thinking that perhaps those bail-out funds should actually be used to help them pay their bills, keep a roof over their heads or (can you believe this!) fund proper healthcare services for all!

Fourth, enjoy the fun! Watch The Ordinary Folk suffer! Best of all, the virus is, in truth, no more infectious or deadly than the annual flu virus and primarily it’ll kill the old, the sick and the poor and malnourished and certainly not the well-fed and cared for members of the elite. And with those old, poor and sick Ordinary Folk dead…wow!…just think of the savings in healthcare, pensions and benefits…and even better, the despair and economic dislocation caused by the lockdown will kill even more of The Ordinary Folk than the virus ever could!

Five, after the economy has completely crashed and The Ordinary Folk are either dead or destitute The Greedy One Percent and Banksters can buy back the assets they sold at a high price (having had fore-knowledge of the ‘virus crisis’ before, err, it was a crisis…) at a much lower price, plus lots of other cheap goodies, using their free government supplied bail-out money. And, of course, The Ordinary Folk will pay for all this through…you guessed it, even lower wages, even more insecure jobs, more unemployment, more taxes and more austerity. But, hey, guys, it wasn’t anything to do with us – it was The Virus what did it!

Now at this point, dear reader, you expect that even a Cabal of Greedy One Percent psychopaths would baulk at such an evil, manipulative and murderous plan? Right? Sorry, you’re wrong – they loved the idea and gave the whole wicked scheme the go ahead, stood up, clapped themselves and broke into a rousing rendition of their theme song – ‘CASH FROM CHAOS’.

We (oops, sorry, the people of ‘Anywhere’) truly are ruled by psychopaths…

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