The Greatest Love of All

There was once an Angel and this Angel was somewhat confused as to the nature of Love, in particular what exactly was ‘The Greatest Love of All’?

So, naturally, the Angel sought help from The Font of all Wisdom, God.

And the Angel went before God and he asked, ‘God, I humbly ask, what truly is The Greatest Love of All?’

‘Is it a mother’s love for her children?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Is it a father’s love for his children?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Is it a child’s love for his or her parents?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Is it the love between brothers and sisters?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Is it the love between best friends?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Is it, then, the love between a couple who have spent a life time together?’

And God said, ‘no.’

‘Uhm – could it be the love for one’s neighbour…perhaps…maybe…?’

And still God said ‘no.’

‘Then, honestly, Lord, I must say I am mightily confused…’

‘In that case, Angel,’ replied God, ‘let me enlighten you. The Greatest Love of All is that of the Good Samaritan for he crossed the road to help someone of whom he knew nothing, with whom he had no connection and without any expectation of anything in return. Of all kinds of Love, this is true friendship and true friendship is The Greatest Love Of All.

And the Devil, deep down in his fiery fortress, saw this exchange between Angel and Supreme Being, chuckled sardonically, shook his massively be-horned Satanic head and said to himself…“hah, so what is that you actually know, oh blessed God…in all your smug, callous, arrogance…of love and friendship; exactly where were you when I needed you?”

This piece is taken from my book of short stories ‘The Real Story of God and The Devil’, available to buy (kindle or paperback) from Amazon now:

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