Notes From a World Gone Mad

CBDARKCV2Welcome to Anywhere – a land ruled by a psychopathic elite, motivated only by their own greedy and base desires. A land very different from, yet painfully similar to, your own.

‘A Curious Book (Dark)’ is my new book of short, dark tales set in a land ruled by insanely dangerous psychopaths…

A banker forecloses on a young couple’s home – and discovers himself what it’s like to have ‘bad credit’.

A brutal and selfish man kills the last Unicorn – and pays the ultimate price.

Two Brothers, one good and one evil, die at the same time on the same day and discover that the Road To Heaven passes through Hell – which brother will survive the journey?

All Hell breaks lose (literally) when The Devil reclaims the soul of one of his Special Children.

Welcome to the Factory – a vision of ‘economic efficiency’ from which no child leaves alive.

Will anyone notice when the Last Bee dies?

Out at sea, a boat packed with refugees capsizes and sinks and a mother desperately tries to save her infant son from the cold and hungry water.

What on Earth (and Heaven) can God and the Devil do about a politician who is too wicked even for Hell?

An enraged Troll exacts a bloody revenge on those who killed his family.

We discover that God and the Devil were once friends and partners in the world creation business. What went wrong?

A Successful Young Woman’s life spirals out of control when a Fairy gives her the gift (or is it the curse?) of empathy.

And More….

23 curiously magical tales to help you stay human in a world that has gone mad.

Read free preview/buy Kindle version from Amazon ($3.99/£2.99). Available from all Amazon stores.

Read free preview/buy paperback from Amazon ($11.99/£8.99). Available from all Amazon stores


And here’s a sample Tale…a tribute to the joys of predatory capitalism and neo-liberal brutality:

The Legend of Golden Field

Once upon a time in the land of Anywhere, in a world long since forgotten….there was Faerie who did a bad thing. As the story tells, whilst in a fit of pique with her Faerie partner, she cursed a Good Man and ruined his life. Now, as Universal Law dictates, a Faerie spell can have a sting in the tale (in a random Universe that can just happen and Faeries are, by nature, mischievous little sprites) or a spell can have a bad outcome when cast specifically to punish the wicked. But for a faerie to cast a bad spell against a good person? Oh no, no. This is considered the ultimate breach of Faerie etiquette, a gross misuse of the powers granted to Faeries by the Universe and threat to the Harmony of said Universe.

And thus it was that this particular Faerie’s days were numbered.

Universal Laws whirred into action and a Troll, asleep in his Troll Hole deep in the wild lands of Anywhere, had a dream. In his dream he saw a mountain, a mountain sacred to Trolls and Faeries since time immemorial, a Faerie and a Faerie name.

Now a Faerie name is a very special and secret thing. The only creatures that can call a Faerie by her name without consequence are the Faerie whose name it is and that Faerie’s Faerie partner.

If any other creature should call her a Faerie by her name it is a signal that the Universe is calling them away from their current existence ahead of their scheduled 897 years and 13 days of life, a signal which must be obeyed.

Back to our Troll. Immediately upon waking he knew exactly what he had to do. He had been chosen by the Universe to deliver a judgement, he knew what the consequences of that judgement would so it was with heavy heart that he accepted his task but what had to be done, had to be done.

Moving as fast as his large and powerful Troll legs would carry him (which is very fast indeed) he travelled for two days and two nights, without break or pause, until he reached the sacred mountain of his dream. He rapidly ascended to the mountains highest point. He admired the view, took a deep breath, sorrowful for what was to come, and called out at the top his deep, booming Troll voice the Faerie name that he had seen in his dream.

And our Faerie, the one that cast the bad spell on the good man, was irrevocably and irresistibly summoned and up she popped, appearing with a bang of displaced air right in front of the Troll (where she popped up from is a mystery to all, no-one knows exactly where Faeries come from).

Faerie,” said the Troll, staring at the beautiful, tiny creature, fluttering in the air before him on shiny, gossamer wings, “I have called your name as the Universe has directed me to make right what you made wrong. You know now what you must do…please forgive me for being the Caller of Your Name, there is no malice or joy in what I do, I’m simply fulfilling the task allotted to me by the Universe.”

No, no, Troll…please do not feel regret or sadness, you’re doing what you have to do because I did not do what I was supposed to do and it is now up to me to make amends by…by…paying the price.” And with those words a look of bottomless sadness spread across the Faerie’s face, she looked down at the ground and a tear rolled down her porcelain face, turning (as all Faerie tears do) to a diamond as it did so.

Goodbye, Troll,” said the Faerie. And then she began to fly upwards. Higher. And higher. And the higher she flew the colder she became until she was so high that she was no longer cold because she was warmed by the heat from a sun that was getting ever closer. Still she flew upwards until she was so near the sun and its heat so intense that her gossamer wings burst into flame.

Unable to fly, the Faerie plunged downwards, faster and faster and faster until she collided into an area of flat ground some few miles from the sacred mountain. And at that point something remarkable happened. All the laws of physics dictate that such a small object as a Faerie hitting solid ground, even at remarkable speed, would create a dull thud at most. But we are not about talking the laws of physics. We are talking about the laws of the Universe as pertaining to Faeries.

When the Faerie hit the ground there was no dull thud, rather a huge explosion…but not an explosion of gas and fire but an explosion of gold dust, a product of the sudden release of the power of Magick as the Faerie’s soft body impacted the hard ground. The gold dust rose high into the air, forming a glittering mushroom cloud of light and great beauty hundreds of feet high, before slowly settling back to earth, covering an area of about 3 square miles in a thick coat of shimmering, gleaming gold dust.

In the years that followed this place would become known as ‘Goldenfield’ and the story of the Faerie that Did a Bad Thing would be told to children as ‘The Legend of Goldenfield’.

The most remarkable aspect of this story is that for generations and generations Goldenfield remained undisturbed; nobody, no creature, took or disturbed the thick layer of gold dust in any way. There was a general recognition that there was something holy and inviolable about Goldenfield – that it was a symbol of both the power of the Universe and its predisposition to Justice. Indeed, Goldenfield became a place of pilgrimage for Trolls, humans and even faeries would pop up there at the most random of times (as is their wont); it became a place for weddings, celebrations, farewells and hullos – it became a true Community Asset and was loved and valued by all.

So it was that Goldenfield survived untouched for many, many generations. Until, that is ,the rise to absolute power of the repulsive and repugnant Greedy One Percent. When they looked at Goldenfield they did not see a beloved Community Asset that represented something scared. Oh no, in their psychopathic and unsatisfiable, endless greed they saw an unexploited Financial Asset – money, lovely, lovely money!

Using one of their tame politicians (the current Leader of The Country at the Time, the war criminal and mass murderer Bonty Liar) legislation was rushed into force, access to Goldenfield was prohibited and the right to exploit the gold of Goldenfield was given to a consurtium of Greedy One Percent psychopaths.

And the bulldozers moved in. And the gold was strip-mined and processed into bullion on site using flames and heat and violence and toxic chemicals.

A few months later, Goldenfield had been completely denuded of its beautiful covering of precious, golden dust – every last cent of value and been squeezed out. What had been a Community Asset, a magical, golden wonderland loved and appreciated by The Ordinary Folk was an ugly, black, blighted, polluted hole in the ground where nothing lived, nor would ever live again.

Read free preview/buy Kindle version from Amazon ($3.99/£2.99). Available from all Amazon stores.

Read free preview/buy paperback from Amazon ($11.99/£8.99). Available from all Amazon stores

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