For all the Lost Things: a Coronavirus Elegy


Here’s a sad story. A coronavirus elegy, if you like.

I was speaking to a my mother yesterday and she told me about a neighbour’s son. At the age of 26 he was dead. Lost his job due to the coronavirus lock down (like millions of other people). He was apparently (like millions of other people living in the neo-liberal hellhole that Western ‘democracies’ have become) already struggling with rent, bills and feeding his family – redundancy was, it seems, one more blow than he could bear. He went to the top of his apartment building and threw himself off. Life over.

This story will be repeated thousands and thousands and thousands of times in the coming month. The economic costs of coronavirus and the consequent despair, suicides, broken dream and destroyed lives are almost incalculable (and it won’t be rich who will pay them – it’ll be the ordinary folk; the rich, the banks and the corporations will be rewarded with bail-outs…which will be paid for with an intensification of the austerity warfare against the middle and working class).

And yet nobody questions the lock downs. Nobody wants to talk about the cost, nobody addresses the concerns of virologists and scientists who say that policy is being driven by incomplete and unreliable data.

Presumably that’s because only ordinary people will pay the price, and, hey, they don’t count.

Which brings me to my elegy. I’ve no idea whats going on at the moment, but I do feel we are in a time of endings so I republish a piece about endings I wrote some time back…its for all those people whose lives will be destroyed, whose businesses and jobs will end, whose dreams will be broken and, yes, who will die not because of the coronavirus but due to the response to it that (as far as I can see) isn’t scientifically justified.

For all the lost things….

Walking down the high street, on my way to work,
nothing strange, nothing not normal, just like any other day
until that pain flares in my chest and in my shoulder
and suddenly I’m falling over.


Flesh and bone hit the pavement, but I’m not there,
I’ve gone already because today is no ordinary day,
Today is the day I’m floating away.


From above I see myself, lacking in motion, causing a commotion
amongst the passers-by and I ask myself should I laugh or cry?
But none of that matters, not today, because today is the day I’m
floating away.


I stare down at my body, far beneath my dangling feet, I see just myself,
then the surrounds and roof-tops and then the whole street and
I’m getting higher and higher and soon I’ll see the whole city in which
I used to live because today is the day I’m floating away.


This is extra-ordinary, this floating away. I’m sure I should
be scared and shouting and screaming, but this floating away
seems the most natural thing in the world, like I always knew it was
something I would do, that today would be the day that I would float away.


I have a moment of regret because I’ve not had the chance to say goodbye
to all those who I love and care for (hey, sorry guys, but I had to fly)
but I know, like the soil knows the rain, that we’ll meet again because today
is not the first time or the first day that I’ve floated away.


I didn’t always do things right (be that by omission or commission)
or achieve all that I could or should and I didn’t always live my best life
and, yes, there was love but also there were harsh words and anger and strife.
But none of that matters, not today, because today is the day I’m floating away.


And I think of the bills and the debt and the struggle to make ends
meet, paying the rent and all the energy spent just to live a life so ordinary and
of all those who said they were my friend but were not, just there for what they got,
and the betrayals and the lies and the precious friend who dies.
But none of that matters, not today, because today is the day I’m floating away.


And I think of the good times, the nights out, the drinks and the laughing,
the pick-ups and crafty shags, being young, a good film, a better book, the music
and the dancing, the things I did that worked, the money I had (before I lost it!),
being lucky, knowing what it is to love and be loved,endearments whispered under
the covers, being in a better place than so many others.
But none of that matters, not today, because today is the day that I’m floating away.


And I think of the really shitty stuff of life – the fakes and the freaks and the cheats,
the exploitation, the abuse, the promises made and never kept, all of the times I’ve
sat and fucking wept, the kids starving in a world of plenty, the privileged son
who’s rich before he’s twenty, the barbaric cruelty we inflict on animals and each
other, the old and the rich who live off the blood of the poor and the young, the
you’re too fat, you’re too thin, you’re too gay, you’re too straight, you’re too black,
you’re too white, you’re too left, you’re too right, hey, fucker, do you want to fight?
But none of that matters, not today, because today is the day I’m floating away.


I’m leaving it all behind, I’m floating away on this special day. I’m moving faster
now – the street becomes a city, becomes a county, becomes a country, becomes a
continent, becomes a globe and I feel my consciousness explode into light and…
I’m not just me any more…
I’m me, I’m you, I’m a rock, I’m a bird, I’m a flower, I’m an elemental power,
I’m everything and nothing. I’m Alpha and Omega. I am the Universe.
Today I have floated away.

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