hamburger-2683042_1920Before I start this piece I should say that I have absolutely no issue with fat people. If someone enjoys their food and is happy carrying around a few extra pounds then good on them, go for it….reach for another pie and enjoy!

My issue is the elevation of being overweight into being something that cannot be questioned, something which is, in fact, to be admired, something which is #BodyPositive.

Because the truth is being fat is not good for you. Smokers are more likely to get cancer and suffer heart and respiratory problems and obese people are more likely to get cancer, diabetes and heart problems. But I don’t see #SmokingPositive anywhere, do you?

Apparently we are not supposed to stigmatise fat people because it’s not their fault that they are overweight. I would never stigmatise a fat person (see above) but, actually, it is their fault – for whatever reason, they eat too much and don’t do enough exercise – pretty simple, really. Equally, every time I shorten my life by a few minutes more by lighting up a fag it’s my fault, too: I know the risks, I know its an addictive, filthy habit. But it’s up to me to give up or not give it up – I certainly don’t expect to be praised and idolised for being stupid enough to smoke.

Changing your lifestyle as a fat person to lose weight is not easy, just as quitting smoking isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. We most certainly should not be praising, encouraging and validating something that makes people ill and shortens their life.

And for any of you think that #BodyPositive is nice and friendly and caring – bollocks, it comes from the corporate psychopath owned food industry’s desire to sell you more and more of their cheap, toxic, carcinogenic shit- they want you fat so you buy more of their crap and (side benefit) die younger.

And now – a book plug!! In my thriller ‘Fakes, Freaks, Cheats, Liars & Celebrities’ (written under the pen name S J Carmine), the main character is Andrew Manning, politically incorrect celebrity agent extraordinaire…his comment on another character in the book – Charlie, obese, murdering mafiosi agent to international superstar and foetus-eater (yes, I did say that!) Janey Jax is..

“Stop eating you fat bastard, just stop fucking eating!”


Fame. Sex. Scandal. Blackmail. MURDER. Celebrities have secrets to kill for!

Andrew Manning has spent twenty years repackaging and reviving celebrities whose careers have been overshadowed by scandal, but now even his remarkable talents are about to be tested by some particularly difficult and dangerous characters…

The Producer, a king in the world of entertainment and a serial abuser of hopeful young wannabe’s.

Shelley, model and social media influencer, who’s determined not just to blackmail her famous and secretly gay husband but also to utterly destroy him.

Joey, a troubled reality TV star, desperate to hang on to his celebrity, even if it means slowly poisoning himself to death.

Charlie, morbidly obese, murderous mafiosi adviser to…Janey, pop music goddess, a celebrity with peculiarly sharp teeth and deeply disturbing eating habits that are about to be revealed to the public by an ambitious young paparazzo.

Meanwhile, Johnny, Andrew’s partner, begins a descent into “celebrity-induced psychosis.” There are voices in his head, and they tell him to kill celebrities.

Will Andrew be able to balance the demands of so many different and desperate characters – and who’s going to end up dead?

Celebrities have secrets to die for…

Editorial reviews

“A darkly addictive world you won’t soon forget.” (bestthrillers.com)

“Masterfully debunks the exquisitely perceived realm of celebrity. A riveting thriller from the start…truly original and distinctive.” (Bookviral.com)

“Clever prose…bitingly ironic and dark…a fast-paced story that will leave you breathless.” (iamindeed.com)

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