Welcome to the American Regime


Is America a ‘regime’?

In the language of the American Oligarchy and it’s tame and owned presstitutes on the MSM, any country targeted for destabilisation, destruction and rape – either because it doesn’t do what America tells it do (Russia), because it has rich natural resources or has a ‘socialist’ state (Venezuela) or because lunatic neo-cons and even more lunatic Christian Evangelicals (hoping to provoke The End Times…) want it to happen (Syria and Iran) – is first labelled as a ‘regime’.

That’s because the word ‘regime’ is associated with dictatorships and human rights abuses and establishing a non-compliant country as a ‘regime’ is the US government’s and MSM’s first step at manufacturing public consent for that country’s destruction.

Unfortunately…if you sit back and talk a cool-headed, factual look at actions and attitudes that we’re told constitute a regime then you have to conclude that America itself is ‘a regime’.

So, here’s why America is a regime:

  • Regimes disobey international law. Like America’s habit of blowing up wedding parties with drones or the illegal presence of its troops in Syria, Iraq and God knows where else.
  • Regimes carry out illegal assassination programs – I need say no more here than Qasem Soleimani.
  • Regimes use their economic power to bully and impose their will – sanctioning countries even when they know those sanctions will, for example, be responsible for the death of 500,000 Iraqi children (the ‘price worth paying’, remember?).
  • Regimes renege on international treaties – like Iran nuclear treaty, for example.
  • Regimes imprison and hound whistle-blowers – like Chelsea manning and Julian Assange.
  • Regimes imprison people. America is the world leader in incarceration. It has 2.2 million people in its prisons (more than China which has 5 times the US’s population), that’s 25% of the world’s prison population for 5% of the world’s population, Why does America need so many prisoners? Because it has a massive, prison-based, slave labour business that is hugely profitable for the oligarchy.
  • Regimes censor free speech. Just recently, we’ve seen numerous non-narrative following journalists and organisations kicked off numerous social media platforms. I didn’t see lots of US senators standing up and saying ‘I disagree completely with what you say but I will fight to the death to preserve your right to say it’. Did you?
  • Regimes are ruled by cliques. I don’t need to tell you that America is kakistocratic Oligarchy ruled by a tiny group of evil, rich, Old Men, do I?
  • Regimes keep bad company. Their allies are other ‘regimes’, and they’re often lumped together by using another favourite presstitute term – ‘axis of evil’. America has its own little axis of evil. It’s two main allies are Saudi Arabia – a homophobic, women hating, head chopping, terrorist financing state currently engaged in a war of genocide (assisted by the US) in Yemen – and the racist, genocidal undeclared nuclear power state of Israel.
  • Regimes commit human rights abuses. Here we could talk about…ooh…let’s think. Last year’s treatment of child refugees from Latin America, the execution of African Americans for ‘walking whilst black’ by America’s militarized, criminal police force or the millions of dollars in cash and property seized from entirely innocent Americans by that same police force under ‘civil forfeiture’ laws or maybe we could mention huge American corporations getting tax refunds whilst ordinary Americans can’t afford decent, effective healthcare.
  • Regimes finance terrorism. Mmmm….just like America financed terrorists to help destroy Syria and Libya and invested $5 billion dollars to install another regime – the one of anti-Semites and Nazis in Ukraine…

Yup – America passes the ‘sniff test’ for Regime status.

If you’re sick of being ruled by lying, psychopathic wankers then imagine a world, much like this one but subtly different where, instead of always getting away with it all the time, our psychopathic rulers occasionally got what they really, really deserved.

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