America’s Military is Killing – Americans!


In 2018, Republicans (AND Democrats) voted to cut $23 billion dollars from the budget for food stamps (42 million Americans currently receive them).

Fats forward to 21 December 2019 and Donald Trump signed off on a US defense budget of a mind boggling $738 billion dollars.

To put that in context — the annual US government Education budget is sround $68 billion dollars.

Did you get that — $738 billion on defense, $68 billion on education?

That means the government spends more than ten times on preparations to kill people than it does on preparing children for life in the adult world.


How fucking psychotic and death-affirming is that? It gets even worse when you consider that that $716 billion dollars is only the headline figure – it doesn’t include whatever the Deep State siphons away into black-ops and kick backs. And….America’s military isn’t even very good – it’s hasn’t ‘won’ a conflict since the second world war, it’s proud (and horrifically expensive) aircraft carriers have been rendered obsolete by Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles and its ‘cutting edge’ weapons are so good (not) that everyone wants to buy the cheaper and better Russian versions: classic example – the F-35 jet program will screw $1.5 TRILLION (yes, TRILLION) dollars out of US taxpayers but…but…it’s a piece of shit plane that doesn’t work properly which the Russians laughingly refer to as ‘a flying piano’.

In contrast to America’s free money for the military industrial complex defense budget, China spends $165 billion and Russia spends $61 billion on defense and I don’t see anyone attacking them (well, except America, that is…be it only by proxy…for now).

Or, put things another way. The United Kingdom spent £110 billion on it’s National Health Service in 2017. That means, if you get sick in England, you can see a doctor for free. If you need drugs you pay a prescription charge of around $11.50(nothing, if unemployed, a child or elderly), whatever the market price of the drugs. If you need to see a consultant or medical specialist, you’ll see one for free. If you need an operation, you’ll get one for free. If you need on-going care for a chronic illness, you’ll get it for free.

Fully socialised, free at the point of access, healthcare for all. How good is that?

US citizens could have that, too.

Allowing for the US’s larger population, the UK National Health Service transplanted to America could cost about $650 billion a year. That would still leave $66 billion dollars left over from the proposed defense budget of $716 billion to finance weapons of death and destruction  —  more than those ‘evil Ruskies’ spend.

The US has now been at war, somewhere in the world (i.e in someone elses’ country where the US doesn’t have any business being) continuously for 28 years. Those 28 years have coincided with (for the ‘ordinary people’, anyway) declining living standards, declining real wages, increased police violence, more repression and surveillance, declining lifespans, declining educational and health outcomes, more every day misery…in other words, America’s military is killing Americans. Oh, and millions of people in far away countries (although, obviously, those deaths are in far away countries and they are of brown-skinned people so they don’t really count, do they?).

Time for a change, perhaps?

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