I’m a Russian Agent!


I had an email in reply to one of my articles recently from a gentleman who said that he suspected that I was a ‘member of the Russian shit-stirring gang’. Now, when somebody attacks me with nonsense like that 9and it happens surprisingly often!) I always repost an appropriately edited and tweaked version of this particular piece….

First I’ll make it clear, I’m no particular fan of Russia….Russia is just another elite run Oligarchy  and, as a gay man, I find it’s treatment of minorities, it’s societal racism and obsession with death cult Christianity repugnant. But….if being a member of the ‘Russian shit-stirring gang’ means that:

  • I see the anti-Russian narrative for what is: the wet dream of psychopathic, criminal neo-cons who want Putin (who, whatever you think of him, has restored Russian pride and strength; also, his obvious intellectual capabilities stand in marked contrast to Trump’s…) out of the way so they can destabilize, destroy and then loot the world’s largest and most resource rich nation (just as the the likes of Browder and Soros were doing under Yeltsin until that nasty Putin came along and stopped them).

  • I can see clearly that there is NO EVIDENCE for Russian interference in the 2016 election, just pathetic fantasy that after months and months of investigation (and millions of dollars) can come up with nothing better than indicting 12 random members of the Russian security services that, very conveniently, everybody knows Russia will never extradite so the ‘evidence’ of their ‘crime’ will never have to be tested in court.

  • I know that the Democrats lost the 2016 election not because of the Russians but because they fielded an inept, unpleasant, dis-likable, mad person called Hillary Clinton as their candidate and because they’ve spent the last thirty years selling out working people in favor of their corporate donors.

  • I recognise the likes of CNN and The Washington Post and all MSM for what they are — propaganda mouthpieces for the insane, psychopathic corporations and billionaire class that rule us.

  • I understand that our current consumerist life style and ‘growth for ever’ economic system is an evolutionary dead end that will terminate human life due to massive eco-system collapse in something like 50 years.

  • I have as much contempt for Obama (trained and groomed by J P Morgan) as I do for Trump because I know that our democracy is a farce — in truth all the candidates are the oligarchy’s candidates, and whoever wins, the oligarchy wins. Trump is no more nor less honest than Obama, he will start no more nor less wars than Obama, he will kill no more nor less innocents than Obama and after Trump’s presidency working people will be poorer and the rich will be richer, just as they were after Obama’s presidency. Same day, same old shit.

  • I know that we are, quite literally, ruled by psychopaths — dysfunctional, evil bastards whose only allegiance is to international capital and their own greed…they are perverted and sick individuals who love to see ‘ordinary people’ suffer and die because from chaos come cash!

  • I can see the banks for what they are — a huge money-laundering operation, a global crime syndicate, a blood-sucking monster.

  • I consider iDiotphones and Facebook, Marvel superheroes, and social media and bling and celebrity and identity politics and the false dichotomy of Republican and Democrat, left and right to be stupid, shallow, meaningless concepts — smoke and mirrors to entertain and distract us while we get shafted in the ass by our rulers.

  • I believe that Love is the most powerful force in the universe and that if we don’t apply its principles to all we do and the way we interact with each other and our planet, then we’re doomed.

.if being a ‘Russian shit-stirrer’ means I think all the above, then bring it on — I’m proudly and happily Russian and shit-stirring.

Na Zdorovie !

If you’re sick of being ruled by lying, psychopathic wankers then imagine a world, much like this one but subtly different where, instead of always getting away with it all the time, our psychopathic rulers occasionally got what they really, really deserved.

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