Thoughts on Being a ‘Man’


The man who is arrogant is insecure.

The man who is cruel is weak.

The man who seeks to dominate others will never find any peace.

The man who is a bully is a coward.

The man who lies to gain advantage has no honour.

The man who cheats cheats none more than himself.

The man who can’t be a kind is a man without point.

The man who doesn’t listen will learn nothing – at all or ever.

The man who doesn’t feel the pain of others is dead inside.

The man who thinks his sexuality defines his gender is sadly confused.

The man who doesn’t think for himself will always be the slave of others.

The man who mocks is laughing at you, not with you.

The man who can’t laugh at himself doesn’t know what laughter is.

The man who is greedy will consume himself.

The man who judges others has no knowledge of life.

The man who hurts an animal is a shit.

The man who hurts a woman isn’t a man.

The man who hurts a child isn’t a human being.


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