Humanity Owes it Existence to Homosexuals


Homosexuals, for goodness sake, what is the point of them? saaaa-shaying down the street with expensive clutch bags and tight jeans and looking so good in their satin and tat and bipperty-bopperty hat.

If you sway towards the bigot’s point of view then you’d conclude that there is absolutely no point towards homosexuals at all: they are morally degenerate individuals who have deliberately, with malice aforethought, chosen an evil and repugnant lifestyle (because, obviously, these type of assholes have an inside track into God’s mind and they know what he’s thinking better than He does himself… and never mind that God made all of his creatures with a purpose and all his creatures have purpose).

But let’s give the bigots’ ramblings a few seconds of examination. So….some poor 14 year old gay boy who has been subjected to heterosexual propaganda 24 hours a day for his entire life, who has been mocked by his peers, who understands the word “gay” to be mostly a term of derision…so this kid wakes up one day and thinks to himself, “oh, you know what, it’s a tuesday so I think I’ll make my life more difficult than it might otherwise be by becoming one of those morally degenerate homosexual characters: now where’s that clutch bag…”.

I don’t think so….

If, however, you have a modicum of grey matter between your ears (which you use for sensible thought rather depraved speculation about what other people do with what they have between their legs…) then you’ll probably accept the idea that homosexuality is increasingly believed to be genetic in origin. It’s not a choice, it’s hard-wired into a person’s DNA.

I’m a firm supporter of the “gay gene” idea. Why? Because its a bloody useful, and really very clever. I believe it helped us climb beyond being mere hunter-gatherers and set us on the road to where we are now – in fact, we owe our very existence to it.

Think about it. In a hunter-gatherer society how useful would non-breeding, or “spare” if you like, males and females be: they could assist with child-care or take the place of ill or dead mothers, be teachers, story-tellers, warriors and, most importantly, they would return the catches of any hunting/gathering they did not to their own family (they’re not breeding, remember) but to the tribe as a whole – and more calories equals better survival rates and, over time, bigger brains. In evolutionary theory, it’s these kind of small, incremental advantages that make the difference between being a successful species or being consigned to the fossil record.



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