Some New Year Thoughts…


If you don’t know, learn.

If you do know, teach.

If you break something, fix it.

If you make a mess, clear it up.

If you’re shown kindness, show kindness.

If you’re wealthy, give back.

If you have a talent, use it.

If you doubt, investigate.

If someone tells you what to think, decide for yourself.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something, do it.

If you’re loved, love back.

If you’re hated, ignore it.

If you need help, ask for it.

If you’re lost, have faith that you will be found.

If you’re different, be proud of that difference.

If you’re questioned, remember that you don’t have the right to not be offended.

If you can extend the hand of friendship to someone who needs it, reach out.

If you can speak for those without a voice, speak for them.

If you can fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, fight for them.

If you can offer help, do not cross to the other side of the road.

If you have a heart, a conscience, a soul, be guided by them.

If others tell you who you should be, ignore them and be the person that you were always meant to be – not the person other people want you to be.


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