A Tale of Two Cities




Here’s two pictures (and two tales and two cities) for you.

The first is from the recent UK election. That election campaign briefly came alight when this picture was published – it’s of a four year old boy being treated for suspected pneumonia on the floor of the hospital because no beds were available. A four year old boy – an innocent child of boundless and unknown potential being treated on a hospital floor because the NHS doesn’t work properly. WTF?!

The second is the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip; an unpleasant, misogynistic, racist 98 year old man who has led a life of privilege and leisure by poncing off British tax payers and who has given the world nothing (except fathering yet another generation of inbred, royal parasites) and achieved absolutely nothing of any import whatsoever despite being given every advantage life can offer. Now, Prince Philip fell sick yesterday and was rushed from the royal estate of Balmoral (in Scotland) by helicopter (paid for by those generous British taxpayers) to an exclusive private hospital in London (The King Edward VII Hospital). This hospital is so expensive and exclusive (thank you, British taxpayer) that it only has 56 beds – but rest assured, Prince Philip will be getting one of them – no hospital floor for him.

If you wanted yet another reason (apart from Prince Andrew) of getting rid of the grotesque bunch of mumbling, brain dead parasites that constitute the institution of the British Monarchy then this shameful affair has to be it. And if you wanted another sign of the grotesque inequality that is tearing our world apart then….well, here it is, a Tale of Two Cities indeed; things ain’t changed since Dickens, it seems.

What if the rancid, evil, psychopaths that rule us just occasionally got what they really, really deserved? If you like the thought of that, read my book of short stories ‘When Karma Bites’:

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2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities

  1. I’ve wondered about the inexplicable infatuation that the world has for the monarchy and about their place in today’s world..I have never seen anyone (maybe I haven’t read enough) question their existence, let alone write about it as succinctly as you have.

    This world is unjust…the saying that it (the world) is enough for man’s needs but not his greed rings true..an establishment of a system centuries ago that so unfairly, blatantly benefits a single family in today’s world must be absurd.


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