Love is all, the rest ain’t worth a damn…


Lifeis a random, cacophonous noise full of screaming and shouting and things that glitter and shine but turn out to be not what they seem.

      In all that distracting, attention-seeking noise there is only one indisputable constant: Love. For only Love has true and enduring value.

      Success and wealth are fabulous, but they are relative and all too often transitory. And at the end of your story on this earth, when the Blind Old Weaver Of Fate is spinning together the final threads of your life, no matter how much success you’ve gained or how much “stuff” you’ve bought, they will not hold your hand and mop your brow as your Soul prepares to journey across a Broad, Bright, Blue Sky and your life slips inevitably into The Fog of Forgotten Stories. Only Love will hold you firm. Only Love will gather you up to itself and comfort you, whisper sweet words that calm your Soul and speed it on its final journey to That Which Lies Beyond.

      Throughout your life and until The Very End, only love will weave that Shining Web Of Gossamer beneath you, to catch you should you fall.

      So don’t be distracted by the noise and the bling, by the things that shine so brightly and alluringly, by that which promises much but delivers little. Don’t be tempted by regret, hatred and bitterness; they are harsh masters. Don’t judge yourself, don’t judge others, always walk that mile in another man’s shoes. Be kind, be caring; always share and treasure a caress. Seek to leave behind no bad feeling but rather try to add to the Greater Sum of Happiness because everyone, not least yourself, deserves respect, dignity and a chance at life. Above all, remember that to live this life, and leave this world, having loved and having been loved is all that really matters. The rest ain’t worth a damn.

This piece is from my book ‘A Curious Book’

Buy/read free preview at

Buy/read free preview at

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