When God and The Devil were Friends

gdfriend“The first thing you need to know about God and The Devil was that they were not always daggers drawn at opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum, so to speak.

Indeed, in the beginning there was the light, and there was God and there was The Devil. And God and The Devil were great friends and partners. Indeed there are some reckless demi-Gods in far, far away corners of the Universe (whose very distance and isolation, it seems to me, causes them to be reckless and over-confident) who gossip that God and The Devil were once lovers.

Now that it is a supposition upon which I would not even think (or dare) to comment. What is indisputable, though, is that God and The Devil were friends and the basis, the cement, of that relationship was the world creation business. Together, God and The Devil would pass many a happy eon together planning and creating new worlds. World after world after world they made together. God would make the basic planet structure, the weather system, the tectonics and the highest life-form and The Devil would do the rest: the plants, the animals, the insects, the microscopic life. Aware of God’s tendency towards ‘fire and forget’ creation, The Devil, a great believer in post-creation customer support, would then take meticulous care to make sure that each new world created was catalogued, observed and managed, taking the time to tweak and correct any small issues that might come up as the world developed. Thanks to God’s creative flair and The Devil’s impressive administrative and managerial talents, the God-Devil period of world creation was extraordinarily fruitful and the Universe grew at a rate not since matched, with one successful world succeeding another and then another and then another and then…you get the idea. So much different to nowadays when God churns out a world and forgets He’s done it, leaving it at the mercy of the forces of entropy – hence the current state of chaos in the Universe, of which I’m sure you’re more than well aware of.

All throughout this God-Devil period, The Devil was a delightful creature; warm, friendly, happy, enthusiastic and full of love: not a trace of the evil that was later to consume him. So, what went wrong?

Well, truth be told, it was, as so often, God that made a mess of things.”

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