UK General Election – predictions and outcomes


The UK general election is sooooo easy to call its hardly worth expending the time typing but…here we go.

It’s simple…

1. Massive Tory majority.

2. Labour lose 80 -100 seats.

3. Lib-Dems (aka The Illiberal Non-Democrats) end up with slighy less seats in parliament than the paltry number they already have.

Why make the above claims?

Because this election is about Brexit, not traditional party loyalties. The party that came out and said they were going to ‘do’ Brexit was always going to have a huge reserve bank of 17.4 million disillusioned and angry voters sloshing their way – given the vagaries of the first past the post electoral system this ‘sloshing’ was gauranteed to give whichever of the mainstream parties backed Brexit a healthy majority. Hence – the Tories are going to win big and Labour will lose, I would guess, between 80 and 100 seats. The Illiberal Non-Democrats aren’t going to perform well as they’ve never been forgiven for propping up the Tories (‘Lib-Dem never again, Nick Clegg smells of smeg’) plus Jo Swinson is a deeply unsympathetic character and her fascist comments re ignoring the result of a second Brexit referendum if the populace, once again, had the sheer bloody temerity to vote leave (honestly, who do these ignorant, racist, working class tosspots think they are!) have shown her up for the, er, Illiberal Non-Democrat that she is (even in the eyes of some Remainers, who are hardly known for their belief in the democratic process).

And the outcome of all this?

Okay, here we go…

1. There will still be no Brexit. Why would anyone believe that Boris (who’s more establishment than the establishment – ninth cousin to David Cameron and related to the British, Swedish, Dutch and Russian royal families…) would deliver Brexit? Uhh, uhh. Ain’t gonna happen. His current pro- Brexit stance is strictly a vote-gathering exercise (see above). The main problem for the establishment’s strong desire to betray Brexit since 2016, has been the fact that parliament simply couldn’t produce a majority for anything. So…the Deep State rolled out Idiot Boris and dressed him in Brexit clothes, signed up lots of compliant Tory hopefuls who would agree to stick to ‘the plan’ and called an election – in the full knowledge that this would result in a ‘Brexit supporting’ new Tory government with a majority large enough to comprehensively kill Brexit forever via a ‘Brexit in name only’ gambit. Boris’s current plan is exactly that – a BRINO. Once he gets his fat, lying arse into No. 10 that Brino will get even more Brino.

2. The Labour Party. It’s over for Labour. They’re finished. They betrayed their core vote (more than 140 current Labour constituencies voted leave) one time too many. But…they ain’t gonna smell the coffee. Their huge defeat won’t be blamed on betraying Labour voters – no, it’ll be blamed on Jezza and his ‘socialist’ policies (this is exactly why Jeremy’s been allowed to espouse such a ‘radical left’ manifesto). The defeat will be taken as proof positive (as planned and intended) by the loathsome Blairite scum that still inhabit the Labour party that it needs to transform itself into a slightly softer version of  the Tory party – thus (as intended) killing socialism in the UK for another generation – Jezza, and any other dangerous lefties, will be excoriated and evicted from the party and the Blairite monsters will take over.

All in all, nobody will win this election except the wealthy psychopaths who really rule us, faithfully served, as always, by puppet politicians and the propaganda peddlers of the MSM.




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