American interference in Russian elections…


As you’re all painfully aware, when the Democrats lost the 2016 election to Donald ‘Orange Buffoon’ Trump (talk about missing an open goal!…)they got all huffy and blamed it on the Russians. Yes, it was the Russian’s what did it. Nothing to do with the fact that people loathed the execrable Hilary Clinton because she was transparently Wall Street’s creature, was obviously mental unstable, had brutally attacked all the women that her repugnant husband had forced himself on over the year (#MeToo, Hilary…right…) and, oh, well…there was that whole ‘deplorables’ thing.

No, it wasn’t Hilary that lost the elections, it was them ‘damn Ruskies’ that did it. To cut a long story short….months and months later after miles and miles of news print, hours and hours of talking heads, pounds and pounds and pounds of propaganda, fields and fountains of fake news and investigation after investigation the whole ‘Russia did it’ narrative has been quietly shelved because…because, well, Russia didn’t do it.

And it seems that, besides being a lie, the who Russia narrative may well have been a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’, for a new report out of Russia exhaustively lists the ways in which the American state and oligarch and CIA funded NGO’s have attempted to interfere in Russian elections:

  • The US has repeatedly expressed support for Alex Navalny, seen as a rival to Putin, and said he should be allowed to stand in Presidential elections even though he’s disbarred under Russian law after being prosecuted for embezzlement in 2103. Oh, and he’s a rabid racist, white-supremacist, ultra-nationalist and fascist. But, according to the US, without this paragon of virtue standing for President, Russian elections are unrepresentative and not valid.

  • Russian government electronic electoral infrastructure has been subject to widespread cyber-attacks, one third of these coming from US territory.

  • Russian based, foreign owned media and ‘independent’ bloggers always, funnily enough, step up anti-Putin rhetoric at election times.

  • Supposedly (ha, ha, ha!) independent NGO’s operating in Russia and financed by the CIA and shady oligarchs such as George Soros also do a great line in anti-Putin propaganda — in 2015 these NGO’s received $1.3 billion from American based sources.

  • American money also pays for surveys and polls during Russian election periods — such polls and surveys always, funnily, enough, highlight some evil or other of the evil Putin and show massive lack of support for him (which is clearly not the case).

  • The US government also intervenes directly in Russian elections. In the 2012 election, then Vice -President, Joe Biden, visited Russia, told Putin he shouldn’t stand as the Russian people were ‘tired of him’ and then spent time buttering up rival candidates.

All this (and more) is detailed, documented, supported and sourced (i.e. it’s evidence based, not just what somebody said an anonymous source said) in a publicly available report presented in Russia’s Upper House (the Senate).

So, there you go. It seems that the America government intervened in Russia’s election and not the other way round. And let’s be honest, the US government has form — since the creation of the United Nations, it has “interfered more than 120 times in the affairs of 60 countries on all continents” and is “main violator of international law”.

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