‘And The Devil Said To Me…’


Many of us have a favourite quote, be it from a book, a film or history. To follow is mine, as far as I’m concerned it knocks all others into a cocked hat and then beats the stuffing out of them, tramples them underfoot and then gives them a swift kick up the backside!

It goes likes this:

The Devil looked into my eyes and said ‘you are not strong enough for the coming storm’. And I turned to the Devil and whispered into his ear ‘I am the storm’.

Love it! It’s got power , it’s got atmosphere. It’s got drama. It even comes with its own little mystery. No-one knows where or who it comes from. Some wonderfully, twisted little genius came up with it but who, where or when nobody knows.

I also love this quote because it includes the Devil. (Having being raised a catholic – now happily and sacrilegiously lapsed – how could I be other)? Nowadays, I put all that God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Devil nonsense in the same category as fairy tales. Fairy tales that result from humanity’s collective OCD as it attempts to explain and hide from the inexplicable, random chaos and cruelty of the Universe under a cloak of righteous, rigid, ceremonial repetition.

But…if we accept that the story of God and the Devil is a fairy tale then is not the Devil the far more interesting and human character of the two? God created us and moved on, the Devil has stick around walked with us throughout our existence. He has whispered into the ears of Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Torquemada and Adolf Hitler. He wielded a machete in Rwanda, dropped napalm in Vietnam and hung “witches” in New England. He has marched with every marauding army that has ever left its blood-stained footprints across countries and continents, he has picked up babies by their legs and dashed their brains out, he has herded women and children into barns, thrown in a phosphorus grenade behind them and bolted shut the doors. The Devil, in truth is almost one of us. God is perfect but the Devil all too flawed…all too human

And what happened between God and the Devil – I mean they both lived in Heaven at one stage, didn’t they. How did they fall out? Were they not once friends and partners (maybe even lovers) in the world creation business. What went wrong?

If you want to know more about that time when God and the Devil were friends then buy my book (!) ‘When Karma Bites’ – 16 curious tales about bad people getting what bad people really deserve:

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