How did it all go so wrong; will it ever change?


How did it happen?

Why is it that just two generations ago a family could feed, clothe and house itself with just one parent working but nowadays, even to achieve this at a basic level, both parents must work?

Why is it you can buy all the cheap tat that you want and don’t need but those things that you do need; food, housing, power, water, travel…are more expensive than ever before?

Why is it that some of our biggest corporations pay less tax than a worker on an average wage?

When did somebodybody decide that it would be a good idea to take well-paid jobs from workers in one part of the world and give them to poorly paid workers in another part, then to try and sell the goods now produced so cheaply back to those workers who originally made them but now no longer had a job or an income?

When did our political system become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the banks and big business, when did the democratic process devolve to choosing one of a series of sock puppets, each of which has the hand of the moneyed elite up its arse?

When did social mobility collapse, why is a child born poor today so much more likely to die poor than just thirty years ago?

When did our governments start working covertly with unspeakably vile terrorist groups to destabilise far away countries, destroy their social, physical and political infra-structure, cracking open nation states to provide plunder for the already immensely wealthy?

Why does today’s media never report the full story, never speak the truth; why have journalists become not investigators and seekers of the truth but propaganda mouthpieces for the establishment?

Why is it a good idea to print money to subsidise losses made in the course of criminal acts by the big banks but not to pay for public infrastructure projects?

When did the rules of capitalism change to include one that says ‘when rich people suffer financial loss, said loss shall be paid for by ordinary people in the form of reduced wages, reduced benefits and cuts to public services’?

Why has the distribution of income become more unequal now than any time in the past 100 years?

Why did we stop thinking for ourselves?

When did society become so shallow, so selfish, so obsessed with meaningless, pointless consumption, celebrity and Marvel superheroes?

When, exactly when…tell me, did we all give up and hand control of our lives to a few thousand greedy, dysfunctional, perverse psychopaths and sociopaths? When, and why, did we hand control of our lives to The Devil’s Children?

Will it ever change?….

Maybe yes, maybe no. But, for definite…

Things won’t change until we realise how we’re being screwed over, lied to and cheated of what is ours.

Things won’t change until we renounce debt and austerity economics and the poisonous fallacy of ‘economic growth forever’,

Things won’t change until we end our own willing role in a consumption driven society that rapes our planet 24/7 and which is driving us inexorably towards an extinction event size ecological catastrophe.

Things won’t change until bankers are prosecuted and imprisoned for operating a huge, criminal, money-laundering, mafia conspiracy.

Things won’t change until those politicians behind the slaughters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya (to name but a few countries…) and the corrupt, self-serving ‘journalists’ who peddled propaganda in support of these illegal wars are brought to justice and imprisoned for war crimes and crimes against humanity

Things won’t change until we accept that our politicians — ALL OF THEM — are lying, grasping, dysfunctional evil bastards who are nothing but the puppets of the billionaire class, it’s them they represent and serve, the rest of us can go crawl under a stone and die…

Things won’t change until the mainstream media is seen for what it is – not a source of free, inquiring journalism but a dishonest and manipulative propaganda mouthpiece for the billionaires who own it.

Things won’t change until we say ‘no, I don’t accept what you say, I don’t believe you and I’m absolutely not going to do what I’m told’.

Things won’t change until we see through the fake, ‘divide and conquer’ narrative of ‘identity politics’ and understand that ‘equality’ means respect and dignity and equal opportunity for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE and ALL OF THE TIME…

Things won’t change until we accept that it’s not left versus right, progressives versus liberals but US versus THEM – the 99% versus the 1%

Things won’t change until we look at the shallow, vapid emptiness of the Kim Kardashians of this world and, see them for the pointless individuals that they are and laugh at them.

Things won’t change until we know in our hearts that success and money and power are nowhere near as important as treating our fellow human beings, animals and our planet with care, love, compassion and empathy.

Things won’t change until the fact that nine of the world’s richest men have more combined wealth than the world’s poorest 4 billion people is seen as the obscenity that it is. Things won’t change whilst somewhere in the world a child starves to death whilst at the same time in that same world a wealthy person spends $250,000 on a new watch. Things won’t change until we say ‘no’ to cultural genocide and grown adults stop watching films about Marvel superheroes and playing videogames. Things won’t change until we put down our iDiotphones and delete Fakebook, understand that real friends are flesh and blood and not bits and bytes and wake up to the boundless beauty and potential of ourselves and the world around us.


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Click here to read free preview/buy from (ebook and paperback)

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