Jeremy Corbyn: Class Traitor and Fake Socialist



I used to kind of like Jeremy Corbyn. He seemed to be offering some kind socialist alternative to the murderous, monotonous beat of neo-liberal austerity; I thought he was too weak and not sufficiently intelligent to actually be able follow through on what he talked about, but I appreciated that the thought, at least, was there. I did not think for a minute that he was a fake – but events have proved me wrong. Jeremy is now pushing for a second Brexit referendum…showing himself up for what he really is, yet another fake socialist…yet another poncey middle class elitist and Blairite who believes in democracy only up to the point where those working class oiks vote the wrong way, yet another neo-liberal in socialist clothing, yet another class traitor, yet another fucking liar.

So…I’d like to take this opportunity to ask Jeremy some questions about Brexit and the EU. Nothing trickey, straight forward, simple stuff but stuff that, ironically, (as Remoaners love to portray Brexiteers as ‘like, uhh, so thick and, like, they just weren’t qualified to vote in a referendum and, uh, like they are sooo racist’) Remoaners simply do not understand.

Here we go, you sitting comfortably, Jeremy? Good, in that case…answers to the following questions please…

  1. In what world is it a good idea to ignore the votes of 17.4 million people? You can fart on all you like about the referendum vote being ‘advisory’ but you didn’t tell anyone that at the time – presumably if that referendum vote had been ‘stay’ then the result wouldn’t have been advisory. The point about democracy is that you accept the result of a vote whether you like it or not. Jeremy, you and your spoilt brat middle class clique have disenfranchised 17.4 million people and demolished their faith in ‘democracy’ – what do you think happens when you do that?…if you want to know then I suggest you go read up on the history of the 1930’s.

  2. Why would there ever be a ‘catastrophic no deal Brexit anyway’? If you believe that you have absolutely no understanding of the way business, money and politics work. In 2018, UK imports from the EU were a whopping £345 billion pounds. You cannot take that much money out of the already moribund EU economy without it vanishing up its own butt-hole. For example, on day 1 of the ‘catastrophic no deal Brexit’ German car manufacturers, for example, would see their third largest export market closed to them and they’d be straight on the phone to Angela Hitler (sorry, Merkel) saying, ‘sort it out, Angela, now!’…and sort it out she would. What I’m saying, Jeremy, is that negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU is a piece of piss because it simply can’t afford to NOT, or even hinder, trade with the UK. Oh, and don’t take just my word about the EU’s economy vanishing up its own butthole in the event of ‘no deal’ – Germany’s own Halle Institute for Economic research says around 22,000 jobs would go in the UK in a no deal scenario, but that compares to nearly 500,000 jobs gone in the EU, including 100,000 in Germany (hah, take that Ms. Hitler…sorry, Merkel!).

  3. Why on Earth do you regard the EU as ‘cuddly’ and ‘co-operative’ when it’s quite clearly a bankster led operation to transfer money from us to them via never-ending austerity that has its roots in the kind of fascistic ‘corporatism’ espoused by Mussolini back in the 1920’s.

  4. What about the EU/IMF rape of Greece?…sale of assets, privatisation, massive public spending cuts, soaring suicide rates, kiddies going malnourished and dying because they can’t get the medication they need…all in the name of EU imposed austerity programs designed to protect the bottom line of French and German banks. You up for all that, Jeremy? What’s that about ‘cuddly’ and ‘co-operative’, Jeremy?

  5. Do you understand the role of the European Parliament? Clearly not, Jezza, because if you did you would know that it’s a shining example of fake democracy: it has no powers to modify or propose legislation, it simply rubber stamps what the EU Commission tells it to and if it has that temerity to do otherwise then the commissioners can simply ignore it. Oh, and all those EU commissioners, the ones actually making legislation, are….unelected!!

  6. What about CETA, Jeremy? Are you really in favour of a trade deal that was negotiated in secret and which will open public services to being run by American (and other) corporations, stop privatised businesses being re-nationalised and allow corporations to claim compensation from EU governments where they feel legislation or government decisions have affected their ‘right’ to make profits? Such cases would be decided by a panel of (anonymous) corporate lawyers, Wow! Corporate bung-fest or what? Winner, winner, chicken dinner, happy days – if you’re a corporation or one of their elite political servants…oh, hullo, Jeremy!…that is. The rest of you can fuck off and rot.

Okay, I could go on (maybe we could talk about the wonderfully democratic EU’s history of ignoring votes it doesn’t like or making countries vote again until they vote the ‘right’ way?) but that’s enough questions. I think I’ve made my point re the idiocy of Jeremy and Remainers in general.

Oooh…hold on! I do have one other question for you, Jeremy….


148 Labour constituencies voted for Brexit. Now that you’ve committed to a second referendum (which Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says she’ll not accept the decision of if the oiks vote ‘leave’ again, but that’s by the by….) could you tell me in exactly what world of Blairite, metropolitan elite world of self-delusion you think the people from those constituencies would vote Labour ever again? That’d be like thanking some drunk geezer who’s just punched you in the face. Add in those Labour voters from ‘remain’ voting areas who are truly appalled and disgusted by your unmasking of yourself as yet another puppet of the elite and I’d bet money that, if there is an election in the coming month or so, that the Labour party will be reduced to a sad rump of 70-80 MPs.

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