What if…

question-mark-2492009_1920What if all that you can see isn’t all there is to be seen?

What if success isn’t actually defined by how much shiny bling you own?

What if real friends are flesh and blood, not bits and bytes?

What if the most powerful force in the Universe is love?

What if a single act of random kindness has more power than all the money in the world?

What if you’re defined not by race or skin colour, gender or sexuality, religion or belief but simply by your shared humanity?

What if you are special and unique but no more special or unique than any other person?

What if you are so much more than just mud and sea water seasoned with a hint of consciousness?

And what if somebody wrote a book about all that stuff?

They did…..


Available to buy now, ebook or paperback, from:

Click here to buy/download/find out more from Amazon

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