Why do Trolls hate Bankers?

Available now, my new collection of short stories ‘A Curious Book’.

The Kindle version is available for a special introductory price of just $0.99/£0.99. (Paperback also available, $8.99/£6.93).



‘Brilliant comic technique, and a glorious sense of moral outrage at the current mess in which our country seems mired, combine here to make a unique reading experience. Often laugh-out-loud funny, the real-life characters behind these innocuous fairy tales and fables hit you by surprise, a series of sharp rocks hidden in those snowballs. Amazingly, with all the faux-naievete and children’s book elements gleefully displayed here, the writing never becomes twee or condescending. I don’t know where this writer’s been all his life, but I intend to catch up with him, and keep an eye on where he’s headed next!. This slim, quickly-read volume more than compensates for the dozens of clunkers I’ve stumbled on in E-Book World. Bravo, Mr. Hennerly! Stay angry, and keep your books coming!’ -VINE VOICE

‘This is the most spiritually and intellectually worthwhile and inspiring read I have encountered in a very long time ever since my days as a theological studies student. To me it is a humanist masterpiece on par with my favorite classists such as Faulkner, Lawrence and Bellow. It subverts conventional morals and doctrines while anchoring the plot development and the characters upon what I would call authentic virtues, Intuitive Knowledge and Intuitive Truth. Hennerley speaks Truth in this world of lies that shackle us from birth and asphyxiate us into death, all the while conspiring against our very vitality of the spirit. I cannot wait to read more similar stories from Hennerley! Thank you Hennerley for shining a beacon of light amidst such darkness we live under.’ -US REVIEWS


A Troll inflicts a bloody revenge on a family of evil, murdering Bankers.

A beautiful, compassionate, campaigning Princess falls foul of The Establishment and meets a tragic, and suspicious, end.

A dignified and proud old lady, haunted by the deafening silence of her life, embarks upon a final, incredible journey.

A shoemaker decides he will make only size seven, left foot shoes. Has he gone mad? Or does he know something no-one else does?

A selfish, self-absorbed woman is embarrassed by her gay son and has him committed to The Asylum for the Strange and the Different – will he survive in such a desperate place?

Who is the The Old Man In The Mountain and why has he spent an eternity crafting the most beautiful shoes ever seen?

The Souls of a Mother and her Son dance across a broad, bright blue sky with a complexity as intense and beautiful as the irresistible, flawless logic of a Mathematical Equation or the eye-catching wonder of a Murmuration Of Starlings.

A lonely, bullied teenage boy suddenly and mysteriously sprouts a huge pair of Angel’s wings.

How does a man who loves and understands numbers more than he does people find true companionship?

Why do Faeries’ tears turn into diamonds as they fall to the ground for tears and why do they steal children?

Welcome to Anywhere. A world ruled over by a tiny elite of dangerous psychopaths – a world where might is right and money is king. Welcome to a land where love, compassion and the Soul lie forgotten, replaced by a shallow culture of unsustainable consumption – and only Fairies and Trolls, mocked and despised by humans who have been lulled into complacency by shiny bling and celebrity, fight for decency and goodness.

Welcome to Anywhere. Welcome to your own world, here and now.

23 curious tales to help you stay human in a world ruled by maniacs!

Click here to buy Kindle version from Amazon.com – just $0.99!

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Click here to buy paperback from Amazon.com – $8.99

Click here to buy paperback from Amazon.co.uk £6.93


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