How did it all get so shit and will things ever change?


Things won’t change until we wake up to the boundless beauty and potential of ourselves and the world around us..

In the US, life becomes increasingly difficult for ordinary people. This short paragraph from an earlier piece of mine describes the situation well…

For ordinary workers, average wages, in real terms, haven’t risen since the 1970’s. On average, they live 10 years less than their European counterparts — a result of crap food, obesity, addiction to legal prescribed opiate drugs, the worst healthcare system in the industrialised world and plain, old fashioned desperation. Every day life is a struggle against McJobs, crumbling second world infrastructre, an education system that is so bad that 19% of high school leavers are functionally illiterate (compare that with Cuba which has a rate of 0%….).

The 1%, however, and particularly the 0.1%, just keep getting richer and richer and richer — America now has never-before-seen levels of wealth and income inequality.

Elsewhere, public trust in the journalism has collapsed (hey, CNN, we don’t believe a fucking word you say any more…) and the political system is a corrupt, lobbyist-riddled joke that serves only the interest of foreign powers, corporations and the wealthy — even Jimmy Carter has confirmed that the US is not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy.

And I fear the rest of the world is following America down the same path .

How did this happen, and will it ever change?

How it happened?

What we see in the US (and the rest of the world) is the triumph of a tiny minority who are hugely wealthy and have no allegiance to peoples or countries, only to their own psychopathic greed.

Will things change?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But, for definite..

Things won’t change until we realise how we’re being screwed over, lied to and cheated of what is ours.

Things won’t change until we renounce debt and austerity economics and the poisonous fallacy of ‘economic growth forever’,

Things won’t change until we end our willing role in a consumption driven society that rapes our planet 24/7 and which is driving us inexorably towards an extinction event size ecological catastrophe.

Things won’t change until bankers are prosecuted and imprisoned for operating a huge, criminal, money-laundering, mafia conspiracy.

Things won’t change until the likes of Bush and Blair and Obama and the corrupt, self-serving ‘journalists’ who peddled propaganda in support of their illegal wars are brought to justice and imprisoned for war crimes and crimes against humanity

Things won’t change ’til we accept that politicians — ALL OF THEM — are lying, grasping, dysfunctional evil fuckers who are nothing but the puppets of the billionaire class, it’s them they represent and serve, the rest of us can go get fucked…

Things won’t change until we say ‘no, I don’t accept what you say, I don’t believe you and I’m absolutely not going to do what I’m told’.

Things won’t change until we see through the fake narrative of ‘identity politics’ and understand that ‘equality’ means respect and dignity and equal opportunity for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE and ALL OF THE TIME…

Things won’t change until we look at the shallow, vapid emptiness of the Kim Kardashians of this world, see them for the pointless individuals that they are and laugh.

Things won’t change until we know in our hearts that success and money and power are nowhere near as important as treating our fellow human beings, animals and our planet with care, love, compassion and empathy.

Things won’t change until we say ‘no’ to cultural genocide and grown adults stop watching films about Marvel superheroes and playing videogames.

Things won’t change until we put down our iDiotphones and delete Fakebook, understand that real friends are flesh and blood and not bits and bytes and wake up to the boundless beauty and potential of ourselves and the world around us.

Things won’t change until we stop being so FUCKING STUPID…

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