Are MSM journalists war criminals?


e08c1dfba4a9d4062a309e484d325a7cI view MSM journalists with contempt, disgust and anger. They’re supposed to serve a vital function in society, the ‘Fourth Estate’, seeking out truth, combating injustice and questioning power. Instead, they are shallow, pole-climbing, careerists prepared to faithfully repeat any line in the service of their Oligarch masters — in the process of enriching themselves they don’t care that people will die as a direct result of their lies, not even that the very future of humanity will be threatened.

Is it any wonder that when MSM’s journalist’s unswerving loyalty to thought-free reproduction of government press releases (otherwise know as following The Narrative) paints a picture of the world that is so at odds with ordinary people’s experience of it (and basic common sense) that a recent poll shows that 60% of the US public no longer trusts the ‘news’ as presented by the mainstream media?

What has brought journalism to this shocking state? Why are journalists no longer believed and why, as I claim, is MSM journalism a war crime?

Once upon a time, maybe (just maybe) journalists were truth seekers; independent voices speaking out about the corrupt behavior of the political and corporate elite. Nowadays that simply is not the case. Nowadays, they are shallow, irresponsible careerists working for the wealthy and powerful owners of our mainstream news outlets. Journalists are no longer ‘truth seekers’. They are propagandists, repeating the lies fed to them by our psychopathic elites hour after hour, day after day. Anonymous sources have replaced verifiable comment, assertion has replaced truth and opinion has vanquished evidence. Journalists work tirelessly to further the cause not of truth, but the agenda of their wealthy employers to whom they’ve sold their souls — for whom they averted their eyes, deadened their consciences and closed their hearts.

No matter how big the lie, no matter it’s potential deadly consequences, the prostitute ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media are happy to repeat it. And repeat it, Because that’s what you do with big lies. You repeat them. Again. And again. And again. Ask Goebbels.

And the deadly consequences of their behavior bring me to why journalists should be prosecuted for war crimes. They should, as mentioned at the start of this article, be prosecuted because as a direct result of their lies millions of people have died and the very existence of humanity is at threat. Here’s a small selection of journalistic lies of commission and omission that have left a behind a legacy splattered in the blood of innocents:

Iraq — journalists lied about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

Afghanistan — what exactly did the nation — the men, women and children — of Afghanistan actually have to do with 9/11?

Syria — journalists lied about gas attacks (the Ghouta attack of 2013 was subsequently shown by the UN to have been carried out by ‘moderate rebels’, not Assad, though that fact still goes unreported and the ‘gas’ attack earlier this year so transparently fake and engineered that the Russians and Syrians warned of the staged event in advance!). Oh, and there are no ‘moderate rebels’. There are only terrorists trained, armed and financed by Saudi Arabia, Israel the UK and the US to destabilise Syria, crack it open and steal its resources. But let’s not talk about that.

Libya — journalists lied about Benghazi and the ‘potential slaughter of 300,000 people’ that was used as a justification to bomb the richest nation in Africa back to the Stone Age

Russia — we now know there is no evidence that Russia ‘hacked’ US election, only opinion and assertion (see above) yet MSM journalists churn out the Russians hacked this, the Russians hacked that nonsense ad nauseam. And whilst we’re talking about Russia, Russia did not ‘annex’ Crimea — the majority ethnic Russian population of Crimea voted 90% plus in an internationally observed and recognised referendum to join with Russia. Russia did not ‘interfere’ in the Ukraine — Ukraine’s democratically elected government was overthrown in a violent coup by a cabal of neo-fascists and anti-semites, financed to the tune of $5billion by the US state department.

The ‘nerve gas attack’ (them damn, Ruskies…again) against the Skripals in Salisbury, England. Christ. This one was so fake and so badly organised (scripted) that the British government at one point resorted to a ‘D Notice’ — an administrative order that muzzles the Press — to stop the media mentioning anything about it all as the number of contradictions and ‘plot holes’ in the whole narrative had become just plain embarrassing.

Venezuela – Maduro is a dictator who is starving his people to death. No, he was democratically elected and people are dying Venezuela (40,000) to date because of US sanctions and an economic blockade.

Iran is developing nuclear weapons…oh, purleeeze!….see Iraq/weapons of mass destruction.

I could go on and on and on with more poisonous, journalistic clap trap and the havoc that it’s helped wreak…but….you get the point.

What I will mention, though, is a bit more about journalists and Russia….

Because of journalists’ lies about that country the Doomsday Clock stands at two minutes to midnight — a result of the international tensions arising from journalists’ 24/7 demonisation of Putin and Russia. The world stands on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe that will extinguish life on Earth. But our lying, cowardly, self-serving, selfish, murdering journalists/corporate prostitutes won’t tell you that. Their psychopathic, wealthy masters don’t want them to.

So, yes, journalists are war criminals because they have created the climate for illegal war after illegal war that has killed millions-they should be tried and, if found guilty, locked away for life because they are as drenched in the blood of innocents as that master propagandist they’ve followed down the Road to Hell — Goebbels. Even now, when they can see the blood-drenched consequences of their lies, they keep lying — driving the world towards apocalypse, wallowing in the blood of innocents and putting their greedy self-centered desire to climb the corporate ladder (and the money and notoriety that can bring) before the future of humanity.

MSM journalists are nothing more or less than the propaganda wing of the Military Industrial Complex, faithful servants of the psychopaths who rule us.

Lock’em up!

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