The strange tale of the Clinton Foundation…


In 2014 the Clinton foundation gave LESS THAN THREE PERCENT of it’s total cash take to charity’…

You can now see online at the National Center for Charitable Statistics website the 2104 tax return for the Clinton Foundation.

They return is disturbing, to say the least. Given a ‘charitable’ interpretation you would say that the Foundation is disastrously incompetent. A less kind interpretation would be that The Clinton Tax Charity is a fraud that simply exists to enrich it’s it’s employees and directors (who include, obviously, Bill and Hillary). Only a proper and fair legal investigation could decide which — but of course, such an investigation will never take place as both Bill and Hill are members of the Golden Circle of our elite, psychopathic ruling class. They are untouchable. They could get away with murder. Some would say they already have.

Myself — I’m saying nothing….except…my contempt for the repugnant Clintons could fill a book (or two).

So, back to the tax return for the Clinton Foundation…the easiest way to sum it would be ‘the Clinton Foundation is, for what ever reason, a really, really crap charity’.

The Foundation’s proud and ambitious ‘mission statement’ is to:

Improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for women/girls, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth and help communities address the effects of climate change’.

That little statement there (obviously written by a PR with a line too many of white powder up his/her nose) includes every fake virtue signalling, faux-liberal canard going and is obviously designed to put lipstick on the lips of the Bill and Hillary pig (and we all know what happens when you put lipstick on a pig…)

It’s also a shitload of stuff to spend money on! Where should we start?…saving the kiddies? saving the planet? that economic opportunity thing? So you’d expect that in 2014 the Clinton Foundation gave bucket loads of cash to charity. Right?


The Foundation certainly hauled in lots of money that year…. $177,804,612.00, in fact. But, of that, only a paltry $5,160,385.00 went to charities….

That figure is dwarfed by the Clinton Foundations salary bill that year — $34,838,106.00. (The Foundation lists 486 employees in its 2014 return)

And the cost of its ‘other’ expenses (god alone knows what they are) come to a whopping $50,431,851.00 plus $850,803.00 in ‘fund- raising fees’.

In fact, in 2014 The Clinton Foundation gave LESS THAN THREE PERCENT of it’s total cash take to charity…that compares very badly with, for example, The American Red Cross who spend 91 cents out of every dollar they’re given on front-line causes…and very badly even with whole charity sector, a sector that doesn’t always perform as well as it should.

And it gets worse. All those worthy causes in it’s mission statement to spend money on and yet we can see that at the end of 2014 The Clinton Foundation was sitting on a cash pile of $332,471,349.00…that’s nearly a third of a billion dollars! Do you see anywhere in the Foundations mission statement — ‘to keep shit loads of cash in the bank earning interest’, I don’t….

The Clinton Foundation, a ‘charity’? Yeh…..

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