It’s not LEFT vs. RIGHT, it’s US vs. THEM!


Policies that did not favor the rich were NOT enacted by the US government on 82% of occasions.

A 2014 study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page concluded that America is NOT a democracy. It’s an oligarchy (but you knew that already, right…).

The study looked at 1800 policies enacted by the US government between in previous years and found that they disproportionately favored the wealthy and the corporations. In contrast where policies were debated that did not favor that same economic and corporate elite, then those policies were NOT enacted by the US government on 82% of occasions.

Interestingly, ex-US president Jimmy Carter is also on record as saying the US is an oligarchy.

The US political system is a pantomime…a bought and paid for Punch and Judy show that serves only the interests of the rich, with Democrats and Republicans following the same policies decade after decade of more war, more money for the rich and less for everyone else. The left/right divide is nonsense, it’s a side show to steal away your attention while the 1% steal your money and your life…

Under Obama, the poor got poorer the rich got richer and America got embroiled in more foreign conflicts. Under Trump, the rich have just got a massive tax cut, the poor will get poorer and the MSM is manipulating the country into another new war…this time with Iran.

Do you sense a pattern there…maybe?…perhaps?

It’s not left versus right, progressive versus conservative — IT’S US VERSUS THEM…here’s how I explained this in a recent Medium piece…

Meanwhile, instead of doing anything about anything, corporately owned politicians do the bidding of their masters…Democrat, Republican…no fucking difference…both parties are The Corporate War Party. Don’t believe me, still believe in that dumb as fuck, right/left false dichotomy? Okay…tell me, then, why — just in the last 2 weeks, Democrats and Republicans both voted to cut $23 billion from the budget for food stamps (42 million Americans currently receive them) but also both voted to increase the US ‘defense’ budget to $716 billion for the year 2019 (that’ll be more than 10 times the education budget in that year)?

Because they don’t give a shit about you, that’s why. Their agenda is not your agenda…their agenda is that of the lobbyists, the corporations, the billionaires, the foreign powers who finance their campaigns, bribe them, give them jobs when they leave politics and keep their dirty, perverse desires under lock and key. Democrats, Republicans, identity politics, MAGA, building a Christian America, left, right, liberal, conservative, whatever…all of it is shit, lies to fool you into thinking your voting for someone who gives a fuck about you.

So — don’t believe the politicians, don’t believe that lying shit that those empty-souled monsters that write for the MSM tell you…stop playing their game, stop believing their silly ‘left’/’right’ labels, stop reading/watching their shit; stop falling for the stupid, facile divide and conquer nonsense of identity politics – the struggle, here and now, is for the very survival of the human race in the face of the rapacious assault of the psychopathic billionaire and corporate class. The struggle is, simply put, the same as it has always been – it’s a class struggle: it’s us, the 99%, versus them, the 1%.

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