How The System screws you


Life for ordinary working people in the US gets more difficult everyday. For them, average wages, in real terms, haven’t risen since the 1970’s. On average, they live 10 years less than their European counterparts — a result of crap food, obesity, addiction to legal prescribed opiate drugs, the worst healthcare system in the industrialised world and plain, old fashioned desperation. Every day life is a struggle against McJobs, crumbling second world infrastructre, an education system that is so bad that 19% of high school leavers are functionally illiterate (compare that with Cuba which has a rate of 0%….), a political class that serves the elite and the corporations who pay for it and no-one else and a mainstream media that pumps out lies 24/7.

Meanwhile, the billionaire class has never had it so good. They’re richer now than they’ve ever been and income and wealth inequality is now at an all time high.

And why? Because of The System — The System does what it’s designed to do…it hoovers up money, opportunity and life chances from you to them…this is how- not just in America, by the way, but also where you’re living – The System works…

“Once upon a time…

…many, many years ago in the land of Anywhere, in a world long since forgotten, there was, at one time, a kind of Golden Age. It was not, it has to be said, an age that was Perfect but it was agreed by almost all that it was an age that was much, much better than That Which Had Gone Before. That time is best described by quoting from a well-known article historical document contemporaneous to the period …

‘…after Generations Of Struggle against Social Injustice and two Catastrophic And Immensely Bloody Wars with the nearby land of Anotherplace, in which the Ordinary Folk had died and suffered to a catastrophic degree, it was decided by all except the Rapaciously Rich that Things Had To Change.

From that point on, Ordinary Folk were given access to Free Education, Free Healthcare, Pensions, Benefits to help those who fell upon Hard Times and all the advantages of what you would know in your world as a Welfare System. New taxes were introduced to redistribute some of the vast sums of money accumulated (mostly from Stealing, Cheating and Aggressive Tax Avoidance) by the Wealthy and the Aristocracy (known in the land of Anywhere as The Greedy One Percent) over the years and Political Reforms introduced to break their stranglehold over the Political And Economic Life of the country. Additionally, the Right to Vote was given to all.

And the land of Anywhere blossomed, for it was found that a populace Free From Hunger And Illness, that was properly Educated and Cared For, produced huge numbers of Talented men and women who previously had Languished due to Poverty And Lack of Opportunity. These Talented men and women drove the land of Anywhere to new heights of success, founding businesses, employing people, making a mark in the worlds of politics, science, medicine and culture. Slowly but surely, the Dead Grip of The Greedy One Percent, who had dominated and controlled the land of Anywhere for as long as anyone could remember, was broken.’

And the psychopathic Greedy One Percent, the Devil’s Children, hated this new world, this New Bargain and Better Society, and all it stood for. They vowed to destroy it.

So they invented The System — a political and economic way of running the economy and society that ensured that those who operated The System, that being The Greedy One Percent, would always get richer and you, The Ordinary Folk, would always get poorer.

The System dressed itself up as democracy. But this was a lie. For, whenever, an election came round The System would invest time and energy into a Demographic Analysis of voters thoughts, opinions and aspirations, discerning and identifying from the Research distinct ‘Voter Groups’. The System would then appoint one if its Puppet Politicians to be a candidate to represent each of these Voter Groups. The puppet assigned to each group would promise to deliver whatever it was that group was hoping for from the election (as previously deduced from the Research). Once elected, however, the Chosen Puppet would ignore the wishes of those who had elected him or her and act only in the interests of The Greedy One Percent (the puppet masters). Thus it was that The System ensured that whoever won an election, The System won the election.

And The System got away with this blatant fraud because it was ably supported by The Means Of Communication, which was, of course, owned by The Greedy One Percent. No lie was too blatant or obvious for The Means Of Communication, indeed it no longer functioned as anything that could be remotely called ‘journalism’, it was simply the propaganda mouthpiece of The System, churning out lies and distortions every hour of every day of every year; lies and distortions designed to manipulate The Ordinary Folks and hide the machinations of The Greedy One Percent.

And The System, supported by The Means Of Communication, was proficient not only at telling lies but also at creating whole stories to work to their advantage. These were called False Narratives; sophisticated and intricate lies, supported and disseminated not only by The Means Of Communication but also by Scientists and Not Government Operations (both supposedly independent but, in truth, reliant on The System for their position and funding). These stories, these False Narratives, could run over periods of many years and were designed to take the concern and good intentions of genuine people and lead them up Blind Allies. One of the most sophisticated False Narrative in the history of Anywhere was the Fighting Against Terrorism Narrative which claimed, on the basis of lies and exaggeration, that Terrorism was a Major Threat To Our Way Of Life that would require a generation long struggle to combat. It would require wars to be fought in Far Away Lands and Constant Vigilance. And the wars to be fought in foreign lands were fought in countries that had no connection to Terrorism but were rich in Natural Resources that The Greedy One Percent wished to plunder and steal for themselves. And the Constant Vigilance meant legislation to restrict the Civil Liberties of The Ordinary Folk and the creation of a Surveillance State in which just disagreeing with The System would see you labelled as a peddler of Fake News, a Conspiracy Theorist and, of course, a Terrorist. The real truth was that in the land of Anywhere, you were more likely to be killed by a lightning strike than an Act Of Terrorism.

And The System was also supported and ably abetted in its crimes by The Politicians. A loathsome class of people made up almost entirely of liars, charlatans, thieves, fraudsters and rapists. But The System did not care — for this was to its advantage, The Politicians bad habits made them easier to control. Dark-hearted, empty-souled emissaries of The Greedy One Percent would visit members of The Political Class and say ‘we know what you’ve done, do our bidding’ or ‘tell me, what’s your desire — money, power, a fresh-faced child? Do our bidding and you shall have whatever you most want…’ By these means The System controlled and used The Politicians to further its aims. The Politicians sent the children of The Ordinary Folk to die in unjust and illegal wars in far flung countries (not to further ‘democracy’ as The Politicians claimed — another False Narrative — but to rape and plunder the resources of other nations to make ugly and perverse, rich old men even richer). Furthermore, The Politicians also served The System by legislating to increase taxes on The Ordinary folk and cut them for the rich, to make the working lives of The Ordinary Folk ever more insecure, to spend more on arms and wars and less on education and health, to cut benefits and welfare. The Politicians also worked on behalf of The System to make easier the process of ‘worldisation’, by which process The Greedy One Percent exported the well-paid jobs of The Ordinary Folk to Slave Labour economies, and gave the Corporations owned by the same Greedy One Percent legal powers that meant they could overturn the decisions of governments, thus enabling their rape and plunder of the land’s resources and destruction of the environment. And in many, many sundry ways not here described The Politician’s worked for The System to make the lives of The Ordinary Folk harder and smaller.

And The System was most ably supported of all by The Financial System, led by The Banks (and guess who owned The Banks…) and The Bankers. Bankers, of course, are criminals of the most blatant and revolting kind who operate within criminal organisations that The Politicians declare legal by giving them the label of Banks. And The Bankers invented a new and wonderful Financial System, one so corrupt that it was primed to periodically explode under the weight of its own criminality. And each explosion would result in a financial crisis and The Bankers would cry ‘give us money or the The Financial System will fail and there will be no food in the shops.’ The Means Of Communication and The Politicians would support this ridiculous assertion (this False Narrative) and huge sums of money would be transferred from The Ordinary Folk to The Greedy One Percent and their Banks to be paid for by yet more taxes on The Ordinary Folk and yet more cuts in spending on welfare, health, education and anything else that might conceivably benefit the lives of The Ordinary Folk. The Financial System was nothing more than a means of transferring as much money as possible from The Ordinary Folk to the vastly wealthy…a system in which The Greedy One Percent got to keep all of the profits they made and got the taxpayer to compensate them to cover any losses they made. What was not to like!

And The System was best summed up by The Good Politician who, in his final speech to a crowd of thousands in The Park Of A Thousands Joyous Souls (just days before his strange and unexplained ‘accidental death’) described it thus:

“We are ruled by psychopaths. Our political and economic system is a giant criminal enterprise run by them for their benefit and their benefit alone. To them human life has no value, we are simply a commodity to be exploited, our sole function is to be consumers, tiny cogs in a huge, unsustainable machine that is powered by raping the planet. Our ‘free press’ is nothing but a peddler of propaganda and our democracy is a bought and paid for pantomime and a lie. Whoever wins, nothing ever changes. The Greedy One Percent always win for all candidates are their candidates. We are ruled by psychopaths, they are The Devil’s Children and they are driving the world to destruction.”

And the moral of this tale is: so, now you know about The System. The question is — what are you going to do about it?

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