John Bolton: Death’s disciple

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Of all the strange and disturbing things that Trump has done since becoming president, appointing John Bolton as national security advisor is possibly one of the most worrying.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, death is now in the building (i.e the White House)!

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

With the appointment of John Bolton, Trump made the world an even more dangerous place — it is now a safe bet that there will be a major war within 12 months.

You see, Bolton is certifiably insane. If we lived in a world that wasn’t ruled by a psychopathic elite then this murderous, blood-drenched, racist cunt would be sealed in a strait-jacket and locked away in a padded cell. For ever.

The man is a rabid neo-liberal, American exceptionalist, white supremacist who believes that only America and Israel have any right to exist, he said of the UN:

All international laws are invalid, meaningless attempts to restrict American power’.

He is supported (bribed/controlled) by shadowy and disturbing figures like ‘casino king’ Sheldon Adelson and counts among his friends psychologically unstable (but frighteningly powerful) individuals in both the US and Israel who believe that sometime very soon a red heifer (a baby cow) will be born. As long as that heifer is truly red and has no more than two black hairs, its sacrifice will pave the way for a new Messianic era (in which, presumably, only nice, white, religious heterosexual Israelis and Americans will be allowed to live and thus something to be much looked forward to).

That last paragraph sounds insane, does it not? Sadly, it’s also true.

Bolton has already suggested a pre-emptive (nuclear?) strike in North Korea (I mean, hey, why negotiate with a country when you can just bomb it, kill lots of people of a different skin colour and buy loads of weapons from your mates in the military industrial complex).

And let’s not forget — Bolton has form as a Bringer Of Death. He was one of the main architects behind the Iraq war (shit, he loved that war…a real classic — illegal, illegitimate, based on lies…all those nasty Muslim, brown-skinned kids burnt, maimed, crushed, killed a complete death-fest. Yum yum!).

Oh, did I not mention that Bolton hates Muslims? With a passion. He’s even chair of the Gatestone Institute (for which he has pocketed a cool $310,000), a rather nasty little enterprise which specialises in anti-Muslim, anti-Islam race hate stories, made up shit like parts of London that are so over-run by ‘Muslim rapists’ that they’ve become ‘no go’ zones. Mmm, I live in London…these ‘no go’ zones don’t exist (in contrast, the entire US is a vast no-zone for young African American males who are likely to be mowed down in a hail of bullets by an institutionally racist police force for the heinous offence of ‘walking whilst Black’.)

For example, Bolton believes that those Palestinians locked away in the vast open air concentration camp that is Gaza should be simply picked up and relocated to Egypt. That way the racist, apartheid Israeli state could take final possession of the land that once was Palestine.

When he’s ethnically cleansed (or before, depending on whats the quickest route to a lovely, lovely war) those dirty Palestinian towel-heads, Death’s disciple Bolton would like to put (sacrifice) lots of young American troops in Syria and then (this is what he really, really gets excited about, perhaps so excited that even his flaccid, wrinkled old penis experiences a semblance of tumescence) BOMB IRAN!! THOSE FUCKING MULLAHS!! DIE YOU FUCKING AY-RABS, DIE!!! YEAH!!! BOMBS AWAY!!! (Bolton’s too thick to realise that Iranians are Persians rather than Arabic, but, hey, give the guy a break, working for Death is no easy job).

And somewhere in the course of that last paragraph American and Russian military hardware will come into conflict, things will spin rapidly out of control and it’s game over for humanity — if you’re lucky you’ll have just enough time to hug the one you love and kiss the warm, smooth, beloved heads of your children goodbye before all is consumed in raucous sound and burning fire.

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