An erect penis is a sign of life, a crucifix a sign of death.


Many years ago (when my life was very different to the one I live now) I once went out for a dinner with the famous gay pornographer Jean Daniel Cadinot.

Cadinot was a master at creating gay porn with a well deserved reputation for excellent film-making. As a dining companion he was intelligent, erudite, engaging and as mad as a box of frogs. It was a privilege for me to meet him — I’d always admired the man, not only because he produced excellent product but also because he was a brave and outspoken advocate for freedom of expression.

And…all his films were prefaced by a quote of his:

An erect penis is a sign of life, a crucifix a sign of death’.

I always loved that. To me it is a perfect encapsulation of choosing life over death. An erect penis is a sign of life — it’s a symbol for that most life-affirming expression of human joy — the sexual act. A crucifix, however, that’s a symbol of religion — and what is a religion but a control system that operates on guilt, lies and oppression — a dangerous fairy tale that’s killed countless millions of people over the eons; religion is a death cult.

So, yeh, I’ll have the erect penis, thanks.

Just quickly…if you’re of a religious bent and you’re offended by what I’ve said, sorry, but as the fourth tenet of The Satanic Temple says…

The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve spent a lifetime being offended by religions’ attitude to my sexuality so you should maybe allow me just a little bit of payback…

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