John McCain: Goodbye and good riddance


On August 25th John McCain died. Good riddance, I thought, one less evil bastard in the world.

But the MSM did not share my opinion. Apparently (stupid me for thinking otherwise) he was a war hero, an exemplary public servant….well, from the ass-licking hagiography vomited out from the MSM and the wall to wall coverage and the lying-in-state and the testimonials…fuck, you’d almost think that John McCain was, in fact, Jesus Fucking Christ.

On August 4th, a Saudi Arabian jet-fighter deliberately targeted and bombed a school bus in Yemen. 29 children under the age of 15 were killed. They were literally blown to pieces. The Saudi government refused to apologise and the US government (that supplied the plane, the bomb and the military intelligence and the in-flight refuelling…) declined to push for an investigation of this slaughter of innocents.

Those dead kids didn’t get the John McCain treatment from the MSM and the so-called ‘great and the good’. They were news for a day — and gone the next. To the contrary, I suspect the whole disgusting, dishonest, hypocritical John McCain rim-fest could go on for weeks…

But who should we really be mourning?

John McCain?

McCain was a horrible man. He shilled endlessly to swell the coffers of the MIC and backed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and desperately wanted to ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ and consorted with fascists in Ukraine and Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. Even when he was dying he spouted lying, dangerous, anti -Russian propaganda ; perhaps hoping for one final (literally) war before his damned soul slithered its way to hell. Even his ‘war hero’ story is problematic if you listen to veterans who were there in Vietnam, rather than draft-dodging, Ivy-league presstitutes.

McCain was a man of wealth, privilege and power who used his position not for good, but to spread death round the world.

What about those children?

The children. What can you say about them? They hadn’t done much of anything, they were kids after all. They won’t achieve anything now, because they’re dead. But whilst they lived they brought innocence and joy and hope to the world. They laughed and they smiled and they asked silly kiddy questions and did dumb stuff like kids do and they played and they ran and they ran like there was no tomorrow and their moms and dads picked them up and held their warm, soft bodies near and inhaled their scent and thought ‘my love for this child is bottomless, without beginning and without end’.

And now all that love, delight and positivity has gone from the world and the world has forgotten but still persists in mourning a wicked, evil, nasty old man.

So….I ask again, who should we really be mourning?

Just before I go, one more McCain factoid. McCain was a great friend of the loathsome Saudi Arabian regime and, last year, voted against a bill to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia due to its genocidal, child-slaughtering war in Yemen….perhaps if that bill had gone through, then those 29 Yemeni children would still be laughing and running to this day?

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