Life is shit. And then you die…

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N.B…This post contains a fair bit of bad language, but bear with me – read it and you’ll see it couldn’t have been written any other way!

One of my favourite films is Steven Spielberg’s ‘A.I.’. In the film, a couple adopt a realistic child robot, programmed to be able to feel love, as a replacement for their sick son who is in suspended animation awaiting the discovery of a cure for a potentially fatal disease. Anyway, to cut a long story short, a cure is found for the original son in suspended animation and he returns. This means robot son is to be returned to his manufacturer for de-activation. This sad duty is given to the robot boys ‘mother’ but she has come to love her robot ‘son’ as much as he has come to love her. She can’t do it. She can’t see her ‘child’ de-activated so instead she abandons him (and his robot teddy companion) in a forest to give him at least a chance of survival— her last words to him are (I paraphrase) ‘I’m sorry we never taught how cruel life is’.

Those words have always stuck with me. Because life is cruel. It’s unreasonably, unfathomably, inexplicably and randomly cruel. For many people it really, really is a case of ‘life is shit. And then you die’.

Me, I’m lucky, I’ve had my fair share of shit but at least I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and love in my life. I get my ‘I’m sorry we never taught you how cruel life is moments’ not in relation to myself but when I think if the state of the world — the stupidity of modern ‘culture’, the inequality, the gig economy, the injustice, the pantomime politics, the greed and psychopathy of our ruling classes, the illegal wars, the constant, rapacious exploitation of the poor and the vulnerable, the lying media, the rape and destruction of the environment.

All that shit comes to me and I despair, I fear for our survival as a species and I get really, really mad!

That was how I got yesterday so I penned off this short rant:

Fuck off politicians, you’re all full of shit, faux-left and faux-right, in reality you’re all owned by The One Percent and the corporations, you are all dark-hearted, emotionless psychopaths motivated by fame, fortune, greed and a pathological desire to rape and kill. Fuck off Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and the whole fucking billionaire class — you are killing us all every day in every way but, hey, maybe we’ll overthrow you yet(you are the One Percent, but we are billions). Fuck off FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram and your pointless meaningless social media nonsense — you’re dull, boring, a sewer through which flows the worst of human depravity and mendacity, you are manipulative and manipulated and I’m not interested in your pointless vapidity anymore. Fuck off MSM journalists, you are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the military industrial complex, your career prospects mean more to you than human life and your lies have led to the deaths of millions of innocents, you should all be sitting in prison cells serving out life-time sentences for war crimes and genocide. Fuck off smartphones and consumerism and bling and celebrity and the cultural genocide of zombies and Star-fucking-Wars and Marvel ‘super heroes’ and fuck off the idiocy of modern life and shove your expectations and requirements of me up your fucking arse — I will NOT play this game anymore.”

And you know what. I felt a whole let better. Because at least I’d expressed myself. At least I’d put my anger out there. And maybe if we all did that, all expressed anger and put it out there, maybe, just maybe, that expressed disgust might actually build up into some kind of critical mass that ripples through the universe and shifts humanity’s current drift to destruction.

So — next time you’re having a ‘life is shit. And then you die’, moment, shout out!!

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