8 techniques journalists use to lie to you.


Mainstream media in the west has deteriorated into a propaganda channel for the Military Industrial Complex and the oligarchy, pumping out a never ending tide of lying filth aimed at more and more war (more and more weapon sales) and promoting and preserving predatory capitalism (more money for the Billionaire class, less for you).

In my own reading of MSM press and my own watching of the MSM Talking Heads I believe I’ve indentified 8 techniques that amoral, dangerous, barely competent idiots that have the cheek to call themselves journalists use to lie to you, the reader/viewer/listener.

Here’s a list:

  1. Establish The Narrative. First and above all, decide on how something will be reported, who’s right and who’s wrong and what’s to be done. This is called The Narrative. The Narrative shall not be strayed from, all ‘facts’ and ‘reporting’ shall be fixed in favor of The Narrative. Please consult with you CIA handler to confirm you have got The Narrative just right before publishing anything.

  2. They’re wrong, we’re right. ‘Our’ side is always right and ‘they’ are always wrong — no matter how many kids ‘our’ soldiers blow up or shoot in a far away country, it was the right thing do/it was an unfortunate accident — if the other side does it, they’re Putin and the new Hitler.

  3. Cherry pick the facts. Only write what helps back up The Narrative, i.e., always refer back to Point 1.

  4. Ignore stuff. No matter how important or significant an event is if it contradicts Point 1 or Point 2 — DON’T report it. Not at all. Not ever.

  5. Blame the victim. If we or our allies start shooting children then it’s always their fault — they might only have been 12 years old but, actually, they knew exactly what they were doing and they were, in fact, highly trained terrorists.

  6. Make shit up. I.E., just lie. Any old made up shit is fit to report if it supports The Narrative.

  7. Attack anyone who challenges The Narrative. Particularly effective labels are: conspiracy theorist, Putin, Putin apologist, anything apologist and New Hitler.

  8. Repeat the lies. Repeat Narrative supporting lies, again and again. And again (see ‘Goebbels, Joseph’ for more information).

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