The trouble with sex robots…


Anything some pasty-faced, basement-dwelling, sociopathic nerd (well, hello, Mr. Zuckerberg…) comes up with is assumed to suddenly be good and indispensable’…

In this modern age, this age of idiocy and Facebook groupthink, there are certain things that are assumed to be absolute and sacred truths which you simply cannot challenge without being exposed to ridicule and abuse.

One such thing is anything tech. Anything that some pasty-faced, basement-dwelling, sociopathic nerd (well, hello, Mr. Zuckerberg…) comes up with is assumed to suddenly be good and indispensable to humanity.

That attitude, nowadays, has become a real problem. You see, as a species, we’re now pretty good at inventing stuff, you could almost say that, in that respect, we have almost limitless potential and possibility.

Unfortunately all that cleverness is not coupled with maturity. We have failed to grasp the obvious and basic concept that, as a species, we’re not only clever but deeply morally flawed. Everything that we can, and have, invented for a seeming good and useful purpose, we will, and do, also find a wicked purpose for.

Given those facts, at this stage in our existence we really, really do have to remember the old adage:

Not every road that can be trod, should be trodden,

Not every door that opens, should be opened,

So, maybe instead of just inventing stuff and putting it out there we should step back a minute and say…okay, we can do this, but what’s the downside, how will people abuse this, what will the long term consequences be. Yes, it can be done, but should it be done?

To me, one such ‘should it have been done’ invention is the sex robot (as in the pic above). Sex robots are not sex dolls (I have no issues with those, they’re just masturbatory devices) — sex robots are genuinely realistic female or male figures used (obviously) for sex. They have speech programs, make orgasmic noises, can react to touch and can heat themselves to body temperature. They already provide a realistic simulacrum of the human sex experience and, as time goes by, they will get better and better.

But should they really exist?

Duh! No!

Why? Because the downsides of this particularly unpleasant development are horrible…you ready…

  • All sex robots have perfect bodies. More pressure on men and women to also have perfect bodies.
  • Sex robots do it all (bitch). More pressure on people to perform sexually in a way they don’t want to do
  • Not only do sex robots do it all, they never say no and they don’t require consent — that normalises non-consensual sex.
  • Our society is already atomised enough by Fakebook ™and iDiotphones ™ — people are rapidly losing the ability to correctly, fully and meaningfully inter-react with real people. Sex robots have the potential to disrupt even the most intimate act between humans — sex.
  • Sex robots are less complicated than real people — they don’t need to wined, dined or talked nicely to — how long before even the pro-creative process is disrupted by sex robots? There is already evidence from Japan of plummeting birth-rates and men avoiding relationships and dating with those ‘complicated’ women for a night with an ever compliant sex robot.
  • You can already buy child sex robots (yep, you can). What next, child sex robots with a ‘rape and kill me’ function?

Like I said, just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.

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