Let’s be honest about Obama


Obama is presented in the media and, well, everywhere as being quasi-holy entity, somewhere between St. Francis of Assisi and God himself, who is beyond criticism, must always be worshiped and who was, like, America’s best president EVER!!

But if we, just for a moment, put aside the persuasively smooth whisperings of the Talking Heads on the tele and hagiographic scribblings of the presstitutes and actually look at Obama’s record it’s easy to see that, in fact, he was the same as Trump after him and Bush before him. He was a puppet of the oligarchy, a mouthpiece (ringpiece?) for the elites, a faithful servant to the rich and powerful.

Here’s Obama true, ungilded rap sheet:

  • As a young man, Obama was mentored, funded and guided by J P Morgan. Now bankers always, always want a return on their investment and they got it in 2008…in that year the banking system collapsed into crisis under the weight of its own fraud and criminal behaviour. But don’t worry, bankers, here’s newly-elected President/Saint Obama riding in to save you! Obama presided over the banking bail-out: the biggest transfer of money from taxpayers to the extremely wealthy in the history of humanity.

  • As a special ‘Banker’s Bonus’, Obama failed to prosecute a single member of the banking fraternity for their fraud and criminality which created the crisis in the first place. Bingo!

  • On the other hand, Obama made up for not prosecuting bankers by expressing his commitment to freedom of expression and democracy by prosecuting more ‘whistle blowers’ than any other president, ever.

  • Obama loved killing people by drone. The US’s slaughter of civilians via ‘drone warfare’ is very much a feature of the Obama presidency. Indeed he even joked about it once — he let the mask and slip and said ‘turns out I’m real good at killing folks’. Nice one, Barack!

  • Indeed, Obama was a faithful servant of the voracious Military Industrial Complex and a great fan of killing people and was involved with illegal and murderous wars, military action and destabilization in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Latin America, the Ukraine and Afghanistan.

  • In the final year of Obama’s blood-drenched presidency, the US dropped 21,171 bombs on brown-skinned people in far away countries (they, of course, as we all know, don’t count).

  • Oh…and if we’re talking about racism…Obama never at any stage in eight, long years did anything to address America’s institutionally racist police forces’ obvious policy of deliberate shooting to death African Americans for the offense of ‘walking whilst black’.

  • Oh…but what Obamacare, you say in a final attempt to show your muse does not have feet of clay? Oh, fuck off, I say….Obamacare is a piece of shit, obligatory, privately-run health insurance scheme based on a Republican plan from the late 1980’s. It’s as much effective, socialised healthcare as a bunny rabbit is a sperm whale.

  • And after eight years of Obama? What about ‘yes, we can’ and ‘change’ and ‘hope’? Well, there was no change, no hope and it was more a case of ‘no, we can’t’ and, basically, the same old shit. There were more wars, the rich were richer and the poor were poorer (sorry — the economy is still in recession, the government and press claim otherwise via statistical sleight of hand). And Obama? Doing very nicely, thank you. $400, 000 a time for speeches to those nice chaps from Wall Street and a $65 million dollar advance for his biography (that’s $50 million more than the previous largest book advance given to an ex US president)…

Sick of our psychopathic ruling class? Then you’ll like my book of short stories set in an alternative (yet very similar to your own) world where bad people actually get what they really, really deserve…‘When Karma Bites’

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