CNN banned from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!


You may have read recent stories about man ‘alternative’ news and opinion outlets (both left and right of the political spectrum) being kicked of Facebook…well…this just in — CNN has just been banned from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

In a co-ordinated move, the three social media giants have removed any and all accounts used by CNN!

A spokesperson, speaking for all three companies, said…

CNN has been violating our collective policies for a long time. There are many examples of this that I could bring to your attention but I think the most disturbing is the vile torrent of anti-Russian racism that CNN has been spewing out for months now…we like to thinks ourselves as a safe space where racism, bigotry and abuse are not tolerated — that means we can no longer accept CNN using our platforms. And let’s be honest — we’re running fucking businesses here and the last thing we want is our fucking customer base being fucking vaporised in a nuclear war that’s been helped along by some twat at CNN who’s got the bare-assed cheek to call themselves a fucking journalist when all they actually do is copy out the latest press release from the CIA, for fucks sake!

Sorry…sorry…makes me really mad, is all…the other reason we kicked those CNN fucks off our platforms is just, well….it’s that whole fake news thing, isn’t it? I mean, there’s fake news and there’s fake news and, hey, we know that guys, and we accept that, and, yeh, everyone’s gotta make a living and the governments gotta manipulate public opinion. That’s fair, we ain’t got no problem with that. But these fucks from CNN, wow, the shit they come out with isn’t just fake news…it’s fucking fake news about fake news….I mean CNN fake, fake news is so fucking fake and so fucking shit that it’s begun to call into question the credibility of the whole concept of fake news, and that means that the punters might start asking questions and looking around for real news and real facts….and if they start doing that? Well, we’re fucked aren’t, we’re all fucking fucked.

So, yeh, those assholes from CNN, they are just, like, so gone, dude…”


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