American pauper


Bezos, Gates & Zuckerberg between the 3 of them, are worth over $310 billion. Everyone else? Not so much…’

After decades of neo-liberal economics and predatory capitalism, left unchallenged by a political system and MSM that is owned by the billionaire class and corporate America, the cancer is of poverty is spreading throughout American society.

Whereas it was once the working class who were victims of our abusive economic system, the middle class is now under attack — indeed the American middle class is in steep decline. almost an endangered species.

What does this cancer of poverty look like?

*In 1980, the average American worker had debts equivalent to just under twice his/her monthly salary. That figure is now 5 time monthly salary and U.S. households are a record-breaking $13.15 trillion in debt.

*The average US household debt is now a shocking $140,000.

* House prices become ever more unaffordable — the typical homebuyer is now 44, whereas in 1981 the typical homebuyer was 30.

*Over 550,000 people in the US are reported as homeless (this is a government figure so is probably a gross underestimate) — of those about 44% are actually in full-time employment!

*As our psychopathic corporations have shifted high paying, skilled jobs overseas to low wage economies the new jobs ‘created’ to ‘replace’ those lost jobs are primarily short-term contract, low wage, shit jobs in the service sector — that’s why 66% of all jobs in America now pay less than $20 per hour!

*As a result of that 78 million Americans have a second job, often in the abusive and predatory “gig economy” because only having one job ain’t enough to pay the bills.

*The real US unemployment rate (not the fake, statistical manipulation pimped by the government and the MSM) is over 21%.

*Nearly 40 million Americans are receiving food stamps

*22 percent of all Americans (including those in work) do not earn enough to pay all their bills in a given month.

*4 out of 10 Americans do not even have savings or income to cover an unexpected $400 bill.

*The figure for those defined as living in poverty has increased by 50% since 1990.

Meanwhile, CEO’s of major American companies earn up to 5000 times more than the lowest paid individual in their organisation, the richest 1% hold about 38% of all wealth in the United States and the bottom 90% hold 73% of all the debt, US corporations have trillions of dollars stashed in overseas tax havens and Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are, between just the three of them, worth over $310 billion dollars.

Something wrong here, maybe?



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