The Dog Who Moved Death to tears.

The Dog who moved Death to Tears This tale is taken from my book 'A Curious Book'... Once upon a time in the land of Anywhere, in a world long since forgotten, in the fine and prosperous city of Anyplace there lived a man, an older man who had found his life mired in sadness … Continue reading The Dog Who Moved Death to tears.

An insider’s guide to (Un)Social Media

In a wide ranging, in-depth and exclusive interview with leading PooTube social media influencer, Vac-U-Us, last week we got the true low-down on (Un)Social Media from Mr. Vac-U-Us himself. Most of the interview was (typically, for one so prominent in (Un)Social Media) a rambling, onanistic, egotistic, shallow, pointless and (dare we say it) vacuous monologue … Continue reading An insider’s guide to (Un)Social Media

How did it all get so shit and will things ever change?

Things won’t change until we wake up to the boundless beauty and potential of ourselves and the world around us.. In the US, life becomes increasingly difficult for ordinary people. This short paragraph from an earlier piece of mine describes the situation well… ‘For ordinary workers, average wages, in real terms, haven’t risen since the … Continue reading How did it all get so shit and will things ever change?

Why do Trolls hate Bankers?

Available now, my new collection of short stories 'A Curious Book'. The Kindle version is available for a special introductory price of just $0.99/£0.99. (Paperback also available, $8.99/£6.93). EDITORIAL REVIEWS 'Brilliant comic technique, and a glorious sense of moral outrage at the current mess in which our country seems mired, combine here to make a … Continue reading Why do Trolls hate Bankers?

Are MSM journalists war criminals?

  I view MSM journalists with contempt, disgust and anger. They’re supposed to serve a vital function in society, the ‘Fourth Estate’, seeking out truth, combating injustice and questioning power. Instead, they are shallow, pole-climbing, careerists prepared to faithfully repeat any line in the service of their Oligarch masters — in the process of enriching themselves they … Continue reading Are MSM journalists war criminals?

Why are gay men so damn talented?!

“…some of the most highly intelligent people… were all homosexuals”. Richard Nixon Why is that gay men are so extraordinarily clever and talented? In the fields of science, art, literature, music…everything, really…their contribution of great work is massive — disproportionately so. I mean…here’s a very quick top of my head list of gay male movers and shakers: … Continue reading Why are gay men so damn talented?!